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Polytechnic colleges in Dubai:

Because of Dubai’s strategic ties with illustrious Western institutions, the emirate of Dubai is home to a variety of educational establishments. It is possible for international students and students from other parts of the Arab world to pursue their academic goals in Dubai. You have arrived at the right place if you are looking for information about the top engineering universities in Dubai so that you may enroll in one of their degree programs.

MyBayut has created a list of the top engineering colleges in Dubai, at which students may enroll in Bachelor of Technology (BTech) programs in a variety of engineering specializations, including as civil, mechanical, and electronic engineering. Therefore, continue reading as we discuss the courses offered, tuition rates, and other aspects of the Polytechnic colleges in Dubai.

List of engineering colleges in Dubai: Polytechnic colleges in Dubai

1. BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE—polytechnic colleges in Dubai

BITS is a well-regarded university that offers a variety of engineering degrees in Dubai. It is located in the Dubai International Academic City, which is an ideal location for such a facility. In addition to this, it is widely acknowledged as being among the best engineering colleges in Dubai, with a curriculum that includes civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

Since it opened its doors in 2000, this educational establishment has fostered a culture that is rich in variety by welcoming over 1500 students from over 20 different countries. The graduates of the university can be found working in prestigious companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Dell, and others. In addition, the BITS campus features a grocery store, a gym, a mess, and a clinic for the convenience of the students. polytechnic colleges in Dubai :

Bachelor of Engineering degrees are offered in the following areas: civil engineering, chemical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, biotechnology, and electronics and communication engineering. Bachelor of Science degrees are available in all of these areas as well.

Microelectronics, electrical engineering, and software systems are offered in the postgraduate programs.

Tuition for undergraduate programs is AED 22,500 every semester, while tuition for postgraduate programs is AED 15,500 per semester. This does not include any extra expenses.

Location: in the DCA

If interested, please call +971-4-275-3711

2. UNIVERSITY OF Dubai: Top 10 engineering colleges in UAE; polytechnic colleges in Dubai

The University of Dubai is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious local engineering universities in Dubai among students from other countries. It provides undergraduate engineering programs that adhere to reasonable quality and quantity of education criteria and are taught by qualified instructors. Learning new points of view will present a mental challenge due to the unconventional teaching techniques, which place an emphasis on both acting and thinking critically. In addition to the development of technical abilities, there is an emphasis placed on the improvement of interpersonal skills.

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Undergraduate programs offered include Information System Security, Electrical Engineering, and Computing & Information Systems. The cost is AED 2,300 for each credit hour taken.

Location: in the DCA

If interested, please call +971-4-556-6800

3. The University of Herriot-Watt: Computer science engineering colleges in Dubai; Top 10 engineering colleges in Dubai

Are you looking for the most reputable engineering schools in Dubai that offer degrees at the higher education level? The undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering that are offered by Heriot-Watt University Dubai are of the same high standard as those awarded by universities in the United Kingdom. It is a research-based university that helps students enhance their abilities and their self-assurance in the disciplines that they want to pursue.

Heriot-Watt, one of the most prestigious colleges in Dubai for petroleum engineering, will prepare you for a successful and rewarding job after you graduate. Heriot-Watt University is another option for researchers who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies in software engineering at universities in Dubai. Students have a greater interest in attending an institution that offers both a web-based learning environment and ultramodern campus facilities.

The following undergraduate programs are offered: computing and electronics, electrical and electronic engineering, robotics and interactive systems, chemical engineering, automotive engineering, civil engineering, and petroleum engineering

Advanced Mechanical Engineering, Renewable Energy Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Software Engineering, and Civil Engineering as Part of Postgraduate Program

The cost of an undergraduate education is AED 63,000 per year, whereas the cost of a postgraduate education is AED 81,900 per year.

Location: in the DCA

If interested, please call +971-4-435-8700

4. THE BRITISH UNIVERSITY IN Dubai: The Best universities in UAE for computer science

The British University in Dubai is an institution that welcomes students who are interested in pursuing a career in industrial engineering. This school not only helps you develop your technical and analytical skills, but it also improves your ability to do research. In addition to that, it provides students with the opportunity to engage in experiential learning through its cutting-edge engineering lab, hardware lab, and software lab.

Expat students from Europe and the wider Arab region make up a significant portion of the student body at the British University in Dubai, which contributes to the institution’s rich diversity. Because they provide lessons on the weekends and in the evenings at reasonable costs for the program, it is an excellent choice for students who are also working.

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering Programs: Industrial Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, and Computer Science Software Engineering

Tuition and Fees for Bachelor’s Programs (AED 225k – AED 250k)

Location: in the DCA

You can reach us at +971-4-279-1473.

5. Computer science engineering colleges in Dubai: CURTIN UNIVERSITY OF Dubai, Khalifa University, computer science

Curtin University of Dubai is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious international universities in Dubai, thanks to the extensive range of courses it provides. In the college of engineering, there are only undergraduate programs offered for electrical engineering, electronic engineering, and mechanical engineering. Students at this Australian university in Dubai have the opportunity to earn an Australian degree while attending classes at the institution’s campus in Dubai. When students have free time, they can participate in activities offered by a variety of campus facilities, such as an ATM, a café, and recreational attractions. If you are not interested in participating in sports or other forms of recreation, you can reserve solo or group study rooms in order to get some work done.

Programs for college freshmen include mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, and computer engineering.

There is a one-time program cost of AED 243,600.

Location: in the DCA

If interested, please call +971-4-245-2500.

6. MANIPAL ACADEMY OF HIGHER EDUCATION: Dubai engineering colleges fees: Polytechnic colleges in Dubai

Expats from India who are interested in attending an Indian university in Dubai have the option of enrolling at Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). MAHE is a respected Indian institution that has been operating in Dubai since the year 2000. It is currently ranked among the best engineering institutions in the city. It provides undergraduate education in a variety of disciplines, such as Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering, amongst others.

In addition, it is one of the few institutions of civil engineering in Dubai that also offers inexpensive tuition rates. The campus is home to a plethora of both indoor and outdoor sports facilities, in addition to a vast library and numerous dining options. The students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural activities and competitions on campus in addition to their academic studies.

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The following engineering specializations are taught: chemical, civil, electrical and electronic, mechanical, Mechatronics, and computer engineering

The annual tuition for the undergraduate degree ranges from 37,800 to 44,100 AED.

Location: in the DCA

If interested, please call +971-4-429-0888

7. THE UNIVERSITY OF WOLLONGONG IN Dubai: list of engineering colleges in Dubai; polytechnic colleges in Dubai

The University of Wollongong in Dubai is yet another international institution of higher education that gives students the opportunity to participate in a variety of undergraduate engineering programs. This university, which can be found at Dubai Knowledge Park, provides degrees focused on technology and provides an education of the highest level, which includes both technical and practical abilities.

Graduates of this university excel in their professional careers and the industrial environment because of the teaching methodology that they received at this institution. It is one of the most prestigious Australian institutions in Dubai, and it also offers a wide range of extracurricular opportunities and contests for students. The campus is equipped with a number of leisure and sporting facilities, such as a recreation space for indoor play and PlayStation gaming.

Courses in Computer, Electrical, and Telecommunications Engineering, as well as Civil, Mechanical, and Mechanical Engineering

The total cost for all 36 classes is AED 275,310.

Address: Blocks 5, 14, and 15 of the Dubai Knowledge Park

If interested, please call +971-4-278-1800

8. EMIRATES AVIATION UNIVERSITY: Top 10 engineering colleges in Dubai

Emirates Aviation University is the top recommended school to attend if you are interested in obtaining a degree in aeronautical engineering in the Dubai area. This prestigious educational establishment has been approved by the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates and is home to some of the world’s leading aviation programs.

In addition to the undergraduate curriculum leading to a degree, Emirates Aviation University also provides postgraduate study leading to a British qualification. There are licensed flight operations management courses available for students enrolled in aviation schools, allowing them to gain practical experience working with planes. On the campus of the university, there are a variety of sporting events, including competitions with other universities.

• Undergraduate Programs: Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Technology, Avionics, and Applied Mechanical Engineering • Graduate Programs:

• Graduate Studies in the Fields of Aviation, Aerospace, Mechanical, and Software Engineering

• The annual tuition cost for undergraduate programs is AED 76,860.

• Location: in the DCA

• If interested, please call +971-4-605-0100

9. ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Dubai: polytechnic colleges in Dubai

Another highly regarded international engineering school is the Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai, which offers a plethora of different technological degrees and programs. The values that are held most dear by the institution are those of respect, pluralism, innovation, and diversity. Additionally,the institution provides students with the knowledge and abilities that will assist them in their professional endeavors.

In addition to the various campus facilities, such as the library and the cafeteria, there are a wide variety of opportunities to participate in sporting events, including swimming, cricket, basketball, and volleyball. Students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular athletics, which might include both practice and competition in their chosen sport. This helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle balance.

• Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering Programs: Mechanical, Microelectronics, Electrical, and Industrial Engineering

• The annual cost is AED 61,950 in fees.

• Postgraduate Fees: AED 106,500 – AED 117,150 total program

• Location: on the first level of the Techno Point Building in the Dubai Silicon Oasis

• If interested, please call +971-4-371-2000

10. AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN Dubai: computer science engineering colleges in Dubai

The American University in Dubai is widely recognized as having excellent programs in the field of civil engineering. This American university has a campus that is of world-class standard, complete with state-of-the-art student amenities and exceptional methods of instruction. The American University in Dubai has a variety of campus facilities, including food courts, outdoor and indoor sports facilities, and an auditorium with 900 seats. These campus facilities are one of the most notable aspects of the university. Students can get the most out of their time at the university by becoming active members of the AUD community, which, in addition to providing opportunities to socialize, offers other appealing benefits.

Fees are AED 3,990 per credit hour, excluding other fees, and

Undergraduate programs include civil, electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering.

Other fees are not included in the charge total.

Dubai Media City is the location, and +971-4-399-9000 is the number to call.

11. Best universities in UAE for computer science: BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus; Top 10 engineering colleges in UAE

About ourselves: BITS Pilani, Dubai, is the only overseas branch campus of the renowned Birla Institute of Technology and Science located in Pilani, India. Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India, is India’s highest-ranked private technological institution. Since the year 2000, BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus, has been successfully serving the student community from the United Arab Emirates and other GCC nations, as well as Asia, Africa, and the Middle and Far East. It is one of the leading and pioneering engineering colleges in Dubai.

Programs leading to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees are available in Engineering and Technology at the Dubai Campus. Services One of the most prestigious educational establishments in Dubai International Academic City is the Birla Institute of Technology and Science in Pilani (BITS Pilani), which is focused on the field of engineering education (DIAC). It has risen to a position of considerable significance among the educational institutions in the region as a result of adapting itself to the varied environment, making use of technology, and utilizing modern facilities.

Telephone number: +9714 2753 711

12. Amity University-Dubai Campus – Dubai engineering colleges Fees

About the team: Amity University Dubai is now ranked first among private universities that are not for profit. Amity University was founded more than twenty-five years ago, and it is now a major education company that provides internationally benchmarked education beginning with pre-school and continuing all the way through the doctoral level. The widespread acclaim has led to the establishment of campuses in Dubai, London, Singapore, New York, Mauritius, China, and Romania, with future expansion plans calling for campuses in an additional 25 countries.

Services: The university possesses a total of 4500 faculties, with professors participating in 300 government-funded research projects and developing 1300 case studies. These services are provided in 47 different countries. More than 60,000 graduates will be linked to more than 80 universities and research partners throughout the world.

The number to call is +971 55 859 1889.

13. Middlesex University Dubai: list of engineering colleges in Dubai

About ourselves: Middlesex University in London is known all over the world, and its campus in Dubai is the first one that has been established outside of the United Kingdom. It is the first and only university in the world to offer a face-to-face LLB (British Qualifying Law Degree), and the campus, which first opened its doors in January 2005, is home to more than 3,800 students of more than 114 different nationalities. The university also provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a broad range of subject areas.

Middlesex University is a global university that is committed to meeting the needs and ambitions of a culturally and internationally diverse range of students. This is accomplished through the provision of rigorous academic programs that are supported by innovative research, grants, and professional practice. Services: Middlesex University is a global university that is committed to meeting the needs and ambitions of a diverse range of students. Students at Middlesex University Dubai are prepared to be professionals and talented individuals who are able to adapt to the modern world, who are dedicated to learning throughout their whole lives, and who are able to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and work.

You can reach us at +971 (0)4 367 8100.

14. Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai Campus, computer science engineering colleges in Dubai

About ourselves: The Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) Dubai is a branch campus of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education in India. The Indian institution is the largest that is officially recognized as a university in the nation, with over 25,000 students enrolled in 23 different academic programs. Within its large and ultra-modern campus that spans an area of 750,000 square feet, MAHE Dubai is home to 1,500 students hailing from 26 countries all over the world.

Services: All of the degree programs that are available at MAHE Dubai are permitted by KHDA and are accredited by MAHE India, which is recognized by the government of India (Govt. of Dubai). Scholarships of 2 million AED are given out to recognize and reward achievement and merit. The more than 80 university relationships that MAHE, India, has established with universities all around the world are utilized by MAHE Dubai.

The number to call is +971 4 4290 777.

15. Khalifa university computer Science, University of Birmingham, Dubai; polytechnic colleges in Dubai

About ourselves: For more than a century, Birmingham has been an environment that encourages intellectual growth by posing difficult problems. The University’s research has a history of breaking new ground, expanding the frontiers of knowledge, and having a positive effect on people’s lives. This tradition of innovation is one of the University’s defining characteristics. The University of Birmingham is referred to here.

We are NOT a franchise, branch, or partner university; rather, Dubai is home to the University of Birmingham in its entirety. We hold ourselves to the same same pedagogical standards and core principles as our Birmingham location. Our curriculum is the same as that offered in our UK location, and our academic staff is employed by the Schools and Colleges in the Birmingham area. Students will get a degree certificate and transcript from the University of Birmingham, neither of which will mention the city of Dubai.

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Services We provide a variety of scholarship alternatives with the goal of recognizing and rewarding academic achievement among our student body. These monetary prizes can be carried over through the entirety of the program, including foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. If students want to continue their undergraduate studies at our UK location after receiving a scholarship from Dubai, they will be able to utilise the funds from that award.

You can reach us at +971 424 92300.

16. Abu Dhabi University (ADU): list of engineering colleges in Dubai

About ourselves: Abu Dhabi University is a private higher education institution that was founded in 2003. It now has four campuses located in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, and the Al Dhafra Region. These locations are where the university’s educational programs are delivered. The university, which boasts the title of being the country’s most prestigious private institution, provides both undergraduate and graduate degree programs that are patterned after the American system of higher education. After three years of preparation, the university opened its doors to its first class of students in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, with a total enrollment of one thousand.

More than 7,500 students from 70 different countries are enrolled in the university’s business programs and on its many campuses, and the university offers academic facilities to all of these students. It is composed of five colleges: the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering, the College of Business, the College of Law, and the University College. It provides undergraduate and graduate education in a variety of disciplines, such as education, engineering, the arts, business and management, and more. The university provides more than fifty different undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs, and it also has various partnerships with other prestigious universities from all over the world.

You can reach us at +971 2 5015555.

17. Zayed University, Dubai; Khalifa University, computer science

About ourselves: In the realm of educational innovation, Zayed University is considered a national and regional leader. This flagship institution, which was established in 1998 and proudly bears the name of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founder of the Nation, has met the high expectations of the President. Today, Zayed University has two contemporary campuses located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These campuses welcome students from all over the world, including those from the UAE.

Undergraduate-level services include a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Enterprise Computing, a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Security and Network Technologies, and a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology Management.

Graduate Level: Master’s Program (Science in Information Technology with a Specialization in Cyber Security), Graduate Certificate in High-Tech Crime Investigation, Graduate Certificate in Information Security, Graduate Certificate in E-Archive and Information Management. Graduate Certificate in Information Management.

You can reach us at 971-440-2111.

18. Higher College of Technology—polytechnic colleges in Dubai

About ourselves: The Higher Colleges of Technology is the most comprehensive higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and it take the lead in providing both applied and technical education.

  • The Civil Engineering Program is one of our services.
  • The following are some of this organization’s programs:
  • -Bachelor of Science and a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering Technology
  • -A Certificate in Building and Construction Technology.
  • diploma in Roadway and Transportation Technology.
  • 2. The fields of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  • In this, there are two different programs:
  • -Both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology
  • an academic certificate in electrical technology.
  • You can reach us at +971 2 681 4600.

19. Al Ghurair University (AGU): Top 10 engineering colleges in UAE

Al Ghurair Institution is a private local university that is a part of DIAC. Its primary mission is to provide students with the information and abilities they need to make significant contributions to the growth and production of the communities in which they live. The College of Business Studies (COBS) teaches business administration, the College of Computing offers courses in computer information systems, and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences teaches electrical and electronics engineering and computer science with engineering. All three colleges at AGU are accredited by MOHESR and offer bachelor’s degree programs. AGU also features a School of Design, which is dedicated to providing students with the academic training necessary for successful careers as interior designers.

20. Engineering colleges in Dubai: polytechnic colleges in Dubai Polytechnic colleges in Dubai

Biotechnology University College Dubai is a MOHESR-accredited biotechnology institution that provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the fields of biotechnology, medical and pharmaceutical studies, environmental and agricultural studies, petroleum and industrial studies, and DNA forensics and bioinformatics, in addition to a foundation program, an overseas student exchange program, and a scholarship scheme. These programs are offered in addition to a foundation program. The campus of BUC is one of the most up-to-date in the region, and the school also offers students the chance to participate in internships and get professional training.

  1. Khalifa university computer Science: List of engineering colleges in Dubai
  2. There are more colleges with best environment for students, like:
  3. The Canadian University Dubai
  4. Murdoch University Dubai
  5. Islamic Azad University
  6. The American College of Dubai
  7. International Horizons College
  8. Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence
  9. Hult International Business School, UAE
  10. SP Jain School Of Global Management, Dubai Campus
  11. Gulf Medical University
  12. IMT Dubai


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