Singer 1.5 ton inverter ac price in Bangladesh 2023


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Content List: Singer 1.5 ton inverter ac price in Bangladesh 2023

Singer AC

Following are some characteristics and elements of Singer ACs in general:
Singer provides a variety of AC models, such as:
  • Window air conditioners: These devices are made to slide into a window or a wall slit. They usually work well in smaller rooms or areas.
  • Split air conditioners: These systems have an interior unit and an outdoor unit that are linked by refrigerant lines. Split air conditioners are more adaptable and can cool bigger or more rooms.
  • Inverter air conditioners: A few of Singer’s models use inverter technology. With its variable speed compressor technology, inverter air conditioners operate more quietly and with greater energy efficiency. Singer air conditioners are available in a variety of sizes, from compact units that are suited for tiny bedrooms to bigger units that can cool larger living spaces or commercial locations. The cooling capacity is frequently expressed in tons or British Thermal Units (BTUs).
  • Singer air conditioners are made to be energy-efficient, which lowers utility costs and consumption of power. Some models could have energy efficiency certifications like the Energy Star.
  • Singer air conditioners may have additional functions such as a remote control, sleep mode, turbo mode, auto-restart, air purification filters, a dehumidification function, and more, depending on the model and series.
  • For any AC unit to operate at its best, proper installation is essential. Installing the AC requires a competent expert to make sure the cooling system is the right size for the space it is meant to cool.
  • Singer normally offers strong post-purchase assistance and has a network of service locations to help clients with any technical problems or upkeep requirements.
  • Singer is renowned for having a significant presence in numerous nations, particularly in South Asia. Customers may frequently find it simpler to locate their items and get in touch with customer service thanks to this local presence.
  • Singer air conditioners, like those made by other contemporary AC manufacturers, include a number of cutting-edge innovations that improve user experience and energy economy. Sleep mode, turbo cooling, dehumidification, air filtration, and remote control capabilities may be among these characteristics.
  • When compared to non-inverter ACs, Singer’s inverter AC models with variable-speed compressors offer more accurate temperature control and greater energy economy.
  • Many Singer air conditioners come with user-friendly remote controllers for simple operation. Some more expensive versions could also come equipped with smart features that enable control through smartphone applications or interaction with smart home systems.
  • Warranty and After-Sales Support: Singer normally offers an air conditioner’s regular warranty duration as well as after-sales repair and assistance through their accredited service locations.
Keep in mind that some features, models, and availability may change over time and based on where you are. I advise checking the official Singer website, speaking with accredited shops, or contacting customer service for the most recent details about Singer air conditioners, including specs, features, and price.

Singer 1.5 ton inverter ac price in Bangladesh 2023

Singer 1.5 ton inverter ac price in Bangladesh 2023 is 42,000 Taka and up to 175,000 Taka.

Features :

  • AC type : Split 
  • Technology: Inverter
  • Energy Saving Rating: Up to 60% Capacity: 1.5 Ton ECO Mode’s energy-saving features
  • Airflow: 800 m3/h Capacity of Cooling (BTU): 18000 BTU/h
  • Rotating compressor type Aluminum condenser type
  • R410A, refrigerant type

Physical information: 

  • Dimensions :Indoor object 
  • Outdoor unit Dimensions: 818 x 325 x 520 mm 
  • Interior unit Dimensions: 979 x 372 x 277 mm
  • Weight: 12 kg indoors, 30 kg outdoors
  • Color :White
The 1.5 ton green inverter air conditioner from SINGER has an 18000 BTU/h cooling capacity and an 1883 W cooling power input. Large rooms may be effectively and powerfully cooled with this air conditioner. It employs the environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A and has an energy efficiency rating (EER) of 2.8. You may conserve energy and the environment by using the air conditioner. For your convenience, it also has a Jet Cool feature that instantly cools down your area as well as auto-restart, dehumidifying, and automated temperature control capabilities. 
A 24-hour timer and a sleep mode are features of the 1.5 Ton Green Inverter Air Conditioner from SINGER SRAC-SAS18XA31GRIWT-COOL. You may also tailor your cooling experience by selecting from a variety of fan speed stages, including Turbo/H/M/L/Auto. It has functions for Hotstart, Self Clean+, and Zone flow. It produces an astounding 800 m3/h of indoor airflow. With an outdoor unit resistance level of IPX4, a rotary compressor type, and an aluminum condenser fin type with hydrophilic coating, the SINGER SRAC-SAS18XA31GRIWT-COOL AC has a robust and durable construction.

Singer ac price in Bangladesh 1 ton – Singer 1.5 ton inverter ac price in Bangladesh 2023


  • 1 Ton Maximum
  • Automatic Bluefin Restart
  • Rest Mode
  • LED Indicator Dry Mode
  • Electrostatic Active Carbon Filter
  • Booster Mode
  • Singer 3 Years Warranty, the Most Reliable Brand in Bangladesh, is durable.


  • Power Source: 1 Ph-150V/50Hz
  • 12000 BTU for cooling capacity
  • 1300W as input
  • Rating at present: 6 A
  • EER: 9.23
  • 1700W maximum input consumption
  • 24-amp initial current
  • Rotating compressor
  • Indoor air flow (High, Mi, and Low): 500, 450, and 380 m3/h Rated input power: 35W
  • Rating for current: 0.2 A
  • Noise level (High/Mi/Low): 41/38/34 dB(A)
  • 10 kilograms, net
  • R410a, a kind of refrigerant
  • 580g of refrigerant are used.
Here are some further details on 1-ton air conditioners as well as some typical Singer air conditioner features:
1 ton air conditioners
A room or area with a typical square footage of 100 to 150 feet may be cooled by a 1-ton air conditioner. Small bedrooms, home offices, and other such spaces are appropriate for it. One-ton air conditioners are noted for being excellent at cooling smaller rooms while using less electricity.
Singer air conditioner features include:
The following are some common characteristics that Singer air conditioners could have, however precise features may vary based on the model and series:
Know more:
The first is “Inverter Technology” As previously indicated, Singer provides inverter air conditioners that offer energy-efficient cooling with adjustable compressor speeds, resulting in lower power usage.
Cooling Modes Singer air conditioners frequently include different cooling settings, including Cool, Dry, and Fan modes. While the Fan mode circulates air without chilling, the Dry mode helps lower the humidity levels in the space.
Air filtering: devices A lot of Singer air conditioners come with air filters that reduce indoor air pollution by capturing dust, allergies, and other contaminants.
Remote control: Usually, Singer air conditioners come with a convenient remote control that lets you change settings while you’re away.
Sleep Mode: To create a comfortable resting environment and save energy, this function automatically changes the temperature during the night.
Timer feature: The timer feature allows you to program the AC to turn on or off at particular periods, which is useful for conserving energy and planning cooling according to your needs.

Auto Restart: The auto-restart feature makes sure that the AC continues operating with the existing settings when the power is restored in the event of a power loss.
Turbo Mode: By operating the compressor at maximum speed in the Turbo mode, the AC can swiftly chill the room.
Installation and Upkeep – Singer 1.5 ton inverter ac price in Bangladesh 2023
To guarantee optimal operation and efficiency, a professional air conditioner installation is necessary. For optimum efficiency and lifespan, regular maintenance is also essential, including cleaning the filters and coils.
After-Sale Support and Warranties
See the Singer air conditioner warranty information provided. You may feel secure in the event that there are any problems with the goods if it comes with a thorough guarantee and dependable after-sales assistance.
I usually advise visiting their official website or getting in touch with authorized dealers directly if you want to find out the most precise and recent details on Singer 1-ton air conditioners, their particular features, and price. You may then choose the type that best suits your demands for cooling while staying within your means.

Singer green inverter ac 1.5 ton price in Bangladesh – Singer 1.5 ton inverter ac price in Bangladesh 2023

Singer green inverter ac 1 ton price in Bangladesh is 62,990.00 Bdt. 


  • 1.0 Ton SINGER Green Inverter AC 
  • Gold Fin Technology 
  • 100% Copper Connecting Pipes 
  • Digital Protection Device 
  • Up to 60% Energy Saving Inverter
  • Fireproof Control Box 
  • 3D air flow
  • Low noise levels both indoors and outdoors
  • Warranty terms: 5 Years Compressor, 
  • 3 Years Service & Parts
  • Free Installation (Free Up to 10 Feet of Copper Pipe)

Details: Singer 1.5 ton inverter ac price in Bangladesh 2023:

  • 1.0 Ton SINGER Green Inverter Air Conditioner 
  • Detailed Technical Information: 1 Ton Green Inverter
  • Supply voltage (V-Hz): 220-240V, 50Hz
  • Temp Control: 12000 BTU
  • (W) input: 1106
  • Rated current: 4.81 (A).
  • EER: 3.18
  • Rotary Compressor Type 
  • Fin Type  : Gold Fin 
  • Type of refrigerant: R410a

Walton inverter ac 1 ton price in Bangladesh – Singer 1.5 ton inverter ac price in Bangladesh 2023

The well-known electronics and home appliance company Walton is founded in Bangladesh and sells a variety of goods, including air conditioners. The inverter air conditioners from Walton are made to deliver effective cooling while using the least amount of electricity possible. Due to their cutting-edge features, dependable performance, and affordable pricing, these sophisticated ACs have grown in favor among customers. Walton inverter ac 1 ton price in Bangladesh is 64,900 bdt. 

Features :

  • Air Conditioner Type: Intelligent Inverter
  • Function: Cooling: 12000 BTU/Hr 
  • Cooling Capacity : 3517: Watts(1 ton)
  • Compressor: Rotary (Inverter)
  • Refrigerant: R-32
Here are some information about Walton inverter ac 1 ton:

1. Innovative Inverter Technology:

Walton inverter air conditioners make use of state-of-the-art inverter technology, which enables the compressor to change its speed in response to the space’s cooling needs. Walton’s inverter ACs provide a constant cooling level while using less energy than conventional ACs, which cycle the compressor on and off. Over time, this results in considerable energy savings and reduced electricity costs.

2. Energy Savings and Efficiency:

High energy economy is one of the main benefits of Walton inverter air conditioners. These air conditioners can perfectly match cooling requirements by adjusting compressor speed, which lowers wasteful energy use. As a consequence, consumers may save a lot of money on their power costs, especially if they use it frequently throughout the year.

3. Quiet Operation: 

Walton’s inverter air conditioners are made to run softly as part of their commitment to creating a comfortable home atmosphere. The compressor runs quietly and continuously, reducing noise levels and promoting a calm environment in homes and workplaces.

4. Even temperature distribution and quick cooling:

Walton inverter air conditioners’ Turbo Mode function allows them to quickly chill a space, providing respite on hot summer days. Additionally, the inverter technology ensures a uniform distribution of cold air throughout the room and contributes to the maintenance of a constant temperature by removing frequent changes.

5. Environmentally conscious and eco-friendly:

Walton’s inverter ACs are more ecologically friendly because of their focus on energy efficiency and lower power usage. These air conditioners help lessen greenhouse gas emissions and their effects on the environment by using less power.

6. Different Operating Modes:

There are several operating modes available on Walton inverter air conditioners, including Cool, Dry, Fan, and Sleep modes. The Sleep mode gradually modifies the temperature to offer a pleasant sleeping environment, while the Dry mode aids in controlling humidity levels.

7. Controls that are simple to use:

These air conditioners include control panels that are simple to operate and intuitive. Most versions also come with a remote control, which makes it simple for customers to change settings while they are away from the device.

8. Long-Term Durability: 

Walton places a high priority on the caliber of their goods. Their inverter air conditioners are constructed with robust materials, assuring dependable performance and, with regular maintenance, a long lifespan.

9. Warranties and post-purchase assistance:

Walton normally offers clients piece of mind in the event of any manufacturing flaws with a guarantee on its air conditioners. Additionally, they have a vast network of service facilities all across Bangladesh that offer dependable post-purchase assistance and upkeep services.

10. Variation in Capabilities and Designs:

In order to accommodate varying room sizes and cooling requirements, Walton provides a choice of inverter AC models with variable cooling capacity. Their air conditioners also have sleek, contemporary designs that go very well with a variety of home decors.
Know more:
In conclusion, consumers in Bangladesh prefer Walton inverter air conditioners because of their cutting-edge technology, energy efficiency, quiet operation, and affordable prices. These air conditioners not only offer efficient cooling but also long-term cost savings and environmental protection. Walton is a significant participant in Bangladesh’s air conditioning sector thanks to their dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

Singer non inverter ac price in Bangladesh – Singer 1.5 ton inverter ac price in Bangladesh 2023

Traditional air conditioning systems with a set speed compressor are known as non-inverter air conditioners. Non-inverter air conditioners run at a constant speed in contrast to inverter air conditioners, which may change the compressor’s speed to control cooling capacity and conserve energy. Here are some essential details concerning non-inverter ACs:
1. Economical: Non-inverter air conditioners are often less expensive than their inverter-equipped equivalents. A non-inverter AC could be an excellent choice if you have a tight budget and don’t mind a little greater energy usage.
2. Ease of use and maintenance: Non-inverter ACs are simple in their design and operation, making them simple to operate and maintain. Less electronic components are present, which might lessen the likelihood of technical issues.
3. Cooling Performance: Non-inverter air conditioners may offer efficient cooling in hot weather. They work well for efficiently cooling small or medium-sized rooms.
4. Noise Level: Compared to inverter versions, non-inverter air conditioners often make more noise. The compressor’s constant speed operation may produce a louder operating environment.
5. Energy Consumption: Non-inverter air conditioners typically use more energy than inverter air conditioners, however this might vary depending on the type and use habits. In the long run, especially if they are used frequently, they could require more power.
I suggest reading the most recent product specs and customer reviews to gain an understanding of the special features and performance of each model, including the Walton 1.5-ton non-inverter AC. Always be sure to select an air conditioner that best fits your cooling requirements, budget, and energy efficiency requirements.

Now lets learn about Walton 1.5 ton non inverter ac price in Bangladesh and features:
Walton 1 ton non inverter ac price in Bangladesh is 40,850৳. 

Features : 

  • Air Conditioner Type: Intelligent Inverter
  • Function Cooling : 18000 BTU/Hr
  • Cooling Capacity: 5275 Watts
  • Compressor: Rotary (Inverter)
  • Refrigerant: R-32

Singer green inverter ac price in Bangladesh – Singer 1.5 ton inverter ac price in Bangladesh 2023

The term “Green Inverter AC” may refer to an air conditioner that incorporates inverter technology with eco-friendly and energy-saving features. The following are some crucial ideas that might be connected to the term:
Utilizing inverter technology, an air conditioner with a variable-speed compressor may change its speed in response to the need for cooling. When the intended temperature is close to the present room temperature, this enables the AC to run at lower capacity, resulting in energy savings and more consistent cooling.
Energy Efficiency: The term “green” may refer to an air conditioner that is intended to be more power-efficient than traditional non-inverter air conditioners. In the long run, models with higher star ratings or SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings tend to be more cost- and environmentally-efficient.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerants: The term “green” may also refer to the usage of environmentally friendly refrigerants, such as R-32 or R-410A, in air conditioning systems. Compared to more traditional refrigerants like R-22, these refrigerants have a smaller negative environmental impact.

Eco-Mode or Green Features: Some AC models might include particular settings or functions that put an emphasis on energy saving and lower the carbon footprint of the appliance. These functions can include intelligent temperature control, sleep modes, or energy-saving modes.
Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing: The term “Green Inverter AC” may also refer to an air conditioner that was made in a way that minimizes waste, energy use, and environmental effect.
It’s significant to note that marketing terminology might differ across manufacturers and that “Green Inverter AC” is not an established industry standard. Reading the product specs, energy labels, and any environmental certifications that the AC may have is crucial when shopping for an ecologically friendly and energy-efficient air conditioner.
It is crucial to have an air conditioner that will, at the very least, keep you at home comfortable when the humidity wrecks havoc on the rest of the outside world. However, a lot of air conditioners (AC) have an adverse impact on the environment since they employ hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions that steadily erode the ozone layer of the Earth. Additionally, increased energy use will result in higher carbon emissions from increased AC use.
Major dangers to the health of our home planet include carbon emissions, greenhouse gases, careless energy usage, and methods of resource exploitation.
After developing this sensibility, a lot of individuals now attempt to conduct their lives in a way that doesn’t affect the environment. Therefore, what you probably did not realize is that there are various environmentally responsible alternatives to remain cool throughout the summer, one of which is the Green Inverter Air Conditioner.
For clients who are worried about the environment and high energy usage, Singer has just developed Green Inverter Air Conditioners in Bangladesh. Along with a three-year guarantee on materials and labor and a five-year warranty on the compressor, the business is offering additional AC maintenance assistance to its customers.
The R410a refrigerant used in the Green Inverter Air Conditioner is environmentally friendly and will ensure lower carbon emissions while limiting the discharge of greenhouse gases. These heat-transfer-efficient refrigerants quickly chill your house since they also efficiently transport heat.
In addition, Green inverter AC saves more than 60% of energy. The energy-efficient air conditioners are made to avoid energy loss and assist you in reducing your energy usage. The condenser coil’s lifespan is extended while also performing better thanks to the use of gold fin technology in the air conditioner, which also keeps it from rusting.
Know more:
Energy-efficient air conditioning is readily available to support the rapidly expanding environmental consciousness in the world. Purchasing models that use less energy, such the Singer Green
An efficient method to reduce your carbon footprint and excessive operating costs while still enjoying the summer without feeling guilty is to use an inverter air conditioner. Three variants of the Singer Green Inverter Air Conditioner are available, weighing 1, 1.5, and 2 tons. BDT 47,990 to BDT 83,990 is the price range range.

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