Singer AC price in Bangladesh 2023

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Content List: Singer AC price in Bangladesh 2023

Singer AC: Singer AC price in Bangladesh 2023

Few brand names in the world of home appliances are as well-known and respected as Singer AC. Singer has a long history that dates back to the late 19th century, and it has always been associated with comfort, dependability, and innovation. The company’s transformation from a famous maker of sewing machines to a pioneer in air conditioning technology is evidence of its flexibility and dedication to quality.
Isaac Merritt Singer established the Singer Manufacturing Company in 1851, which is where the history of Singer AC begins. With the development of the first useful sewing machine, Singer revolutionized the sewing business. As it swiftly grew and became well-known, the firm established very high standards for both quality and craftsmanship.
Imagine yourself at the beginning of the 20th century, when air conditioning technology was just being started. Singer expanded its line of products and entered the air conditioning systems market after seeing the potential of this developing industry. They unveiled their first air conditioner in 1926, primarily intended for industrial and commercial uses.
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Singer AC systems have developed through time, adding cutting-edge technology and increasing energy efficiency. Air conditioning started to enter households in the years following World War II, and Singer was a significant contributor to this development. The business reduced the cost of domestic air conditioning by creating smaller, more economical models. This allowed the typical consumer to afford this luxury.
Singer stands apart from their rivals due to their dedication to innovation and consumer satisfaction. They were able to stay at the forefront of the business because to their commitment to research and development, always enhancing their goods to satisfy shifting customer and environmental expectations. Customers could enjoy the pleasure of their air conditioners for many years since Singer AC systems were recognized for their strength and extended lifetime.
In the latter decades of the 20th century, as environmental issues gained more attention, Singer started to use more environmentally friendly processes. They concentrated on creating air conditioning systems that had little potential for ozone depletion and global warming, in line with worldwide initiatives to mitigate climate change.
Singer’s global reach grew significantly, and the company’s name came to stand for dependability and trustworthiness all over the world. The company’s success was not just a result of its high-quality products; it was also greatly influenced by its dedication to customer care and assistance. Customers received prompt help if they had AC unit problems because to Singer’s vast network of service facilities and skilled experts.
Even more advancements in the field of air conditioning occurred in the twenty-first century, and Singer kept up with these developments to improve their products. Users may now remotely operate their air conditioners using smartphone applications, thanks to the growing popularity of smart and linked air conditioning systems. Singer responded to this trend by launching a series of intelligent air conditioning systems that are intended to be convenient and economical.
Beyond technological developments, Singer AC systems continued to be a representation of comfort, offering relief from oppressive summers and fostering a cozy home environment. The company’s dedication to comfort went beyond home applications; by assisting numerous industries in maintaining ideal working conditions, its commercial and industrial air conditioning systems demonstrated this devotion.
In conclusion, Singer AC’s development from a recognized maker of sewing machines to a world authority in air conditioning technology exemplifies the company’s capacity for innovation and change over the course of its lengthy history. Singer AC has established an enduring reputation in the home appliance industry thanks to their dedication to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. Singer AC is still a name that customers rely on and trust, whether it’s for keeping homes cool and comfortable or creating the ideal environment for companies.

Singer AC price in Bangladesh 2023

In Bangladesh, where a large portion of the year is hot and humid, air conditioners are becoming more of a need than a luxury. Singer, a well-known manufacturer of household appliances, continues to be a preferred option among the many brands on the market because to its dependable and effective cooling solutions. By 2023, Singer will have a wide selection of air conditioners at reasonable prices that are all suited to different consumers’ cooling requirements. This article will examine the many Singer AC models that are offered in Bangladesh, as well as their features and associated costs, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to providing accessible comfort to the general public.
Window air conditioning units:
For individuals wishing to chill a single room or a small area, window air conditioners are a practical choice. With capacities ranging from 1 to 1.5 tons, Singer provides a selection of window AC units. Singer AC prices in Bangladesh in 2023 cost between 25,000 and 35,000 BDT, depending on the capacity and other amenities.
Split air conditioning units:
Due to their simplicity of installation and aesthetic appeal, split air conditioners are the most preferred option among Bangladeshi customers. Split-air conditioners from Singer are available to fit a variety of room sizes and cooling needs. Advanced features, including inverter technology, energy efficiency, and smart controls, are included with these models. Singer AC prices in Bangladesh in 2023 will cost between 35,000 and 75,000 BDT, depending on the capacity and amenities offered.
Technology Using Inverters:
Because it offers energy-efficient cooling and lowers power costs, inverter technology is an important trend in the market for air conditioners. With the use of inverter technology, Singer air conditioners can optimize power usage and provide accurate temperature control by adjusting compressor speed in response to cooling demands. While inverter air conditioners may cost a little more up front than non-inverter models, consumers choose them because of the long-term power bill savings they provide. Singer provides a range of inverter AC models starting at 40,000 BDT at cheap pricing.
Intelligent air conditioners:
Singer has created smart air conditioners that can be operated remotely via smartphones or voice assistants in response to the growing popularity of smart home technologies. These versions provide further convenience by allowing customers to control the AC’s on/off, temperature, and schedules from any location. Singer AC prices in Bangladesh in 2023 will be 45,000 BDT, making them an affordable alternative for those who are into technology.
Floor-standing and cassette air conditioners
Singer provides powerfully cooling cassette and floor-standing air conditioners for larger commercial spaces or open-plan environments. These models have several cutting-edge technologies, a strong build, and great cooling capacity. Prices for cassette and floor-standing air conditioners start at about 80,000 BDT, depending on capacity and individual features.
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In conclusion, Singer has made a name for itself as a trustworthy brand of air conditioners in Bangladesh by providing a variety of models to meet different cooling requirements. Singer air conditioners are designed with both home and business customers in mind, focusing on energy efficiency, inverter technology, and smart features. As of 2023, the business still offers affordable costs, enabling more people to acquire cooling solutions and assuring comfort throughout the sweltering summers of Bangladesh.

Singer AC price in Bangladesh: 1 ton; Singer AC price in Bangladesh: 2023

Singer AC price in Bangladesh 1 ton is 50,963bdt.  In a nation like Bangladesh, where the weather may be hot and muggy for a large portion of the year, air conditioners are necessary appliances. As a result, there is still a large need for air conditioners. A number of variables can affect how much an air conditioner costs, including:
1. Reputation of the Brand: Singer is a well-known and respected brand in Bangladesh. As a local business, they are well-known and have a following of devoted clients. The pricing of their goods may be influenced by their status in the market and reputation.
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2. Features and Technology: The features and technology that an air conditioner offers might affect its pricing. Higher price points may be associated with advanced features, including inverter technology, smart connectivity choices, air purifiers, and energy efficiency ratings.
3. Cooling capability: British Thermal Units (BTUs) or tons are used to quantify an AC unit’s cooling capability. The cooling capacity of a 1-ton air conditioner is enough for a modest room or office. Depending on the unit’s performance and capacity, the pricing could change.
4. Energy Efficiency: Because it impacts both running costs and environmental effects, energy efficiency is an important factor for many customers. Higher energy-efficiency AC units are frequently more expensive.
5. Installation and After-Sales support: Some stores may provide installation services for free or at a reduced cost, and the availability and caliber of after-sales support may have an impact on how much value is thought to be associated with the product overall.
6. Market rivalry: Pricing is also influenced by the degree of rivalry in the air conditioner market. Companies may change their rates in a competitive market to draw in more clients.
It is preferable to visit Singer’s official website or get in touch with their accredited dealers and merchants if you want the most current and correct information on the cost of a 1-ton Singer AC in Bangladesh. Additionally, to compare costs and discover the best offers, you may search well-known e-commerce sites that sell Singer air conditioners.
Remember that prices might fluctuate due to special offers, discounts, and any adjustments to the cost of production or import duties. In order to ensure a positive shopping experience, it is also crucial to take into account the warranty and post-purchase assistance offered by the business. Before buying any large appliances, always conduct extensive research to ensure that your choice is based on your needs and budget.

Singer AC price in Bangladesh: 1.5 ton; Singer AC price in Bangladesh: 2023

Singer AC price in Bangladesh 1.5 ton is 61,034.00 bdt .Prices for air conditioners might change depending on the model, features, energy efficiency rating, and other elements. A variety of 1.5-ton Singer AC types are available, with costs changing to accommodate various cooling demands and budgets. These models include window, split, and inverter ACs.
It’s a good idea to check pricing and features from several sources and take into account any active deals or discounts to obtain the greatest bargain and guarantee you are receiving the best AC for your needs. Ask about installation costs as well as any possible warranties and post-purchase assistance.


  • Capacity: 1.5 TON
  • Cooling Capacity: 18000 BTU
  • 4 Directional Air flow
  • Zone follow Function
  • Jet-Cool Function
  • Dehumidifying Function
  • Runs on 150 V
  • Sleep Mode
  • Digital Display
 Here are some more details about Singer ACs :
Singer AC models include: To meet the various cooling requirements and client preferences, Singer offers a wide selection of air conditioner types. They come in a range of capacities, including 1-ton, 1.5-ton, 2-ton, and bigger units appropriate for different uses and room sizes. There are several varieties of Singer air conditioners, including window, split, and inverter models.
Energy effectiveness: Given the growing cost of electricity, Bangladeshi consumers pay close attention to energy efficiency. High Energy Efficiency Ratios (EER) and inverter technology are features found in several Singer AC models which optimize energy use and save power costs.
Smart Features include: Singer air conditioners now include smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app control thanks to technological improvements. With these smart ACs, customers can use their smartphones or other smart devices to manage the air conditioner remotely, set timers, and keep an eye on energy use.
Warranty and Post-Sale Support: Singer offers warranty support for their air conditioners; the compressor normally has a longer guarantee duration than other parts. Quick after-sales repair and maintenance assistance is guaranteed by the brand’s authorized service facilities spread all over Bangladesh.
Competitiveness in the market: Bangladesh’s air conditioning business is cutthroat, with a number of national and international companies fighting for consumers’ attention. By providing dependable and economical air conditioners, supported by a dependable reputation for quality, Singer has maintained a strong position in the market.
Seasonal promotions include: The demand for air conditioners fluctuates seasonally in Bangladesh, like many other markets for consumer goods. Promotional offers and discounts on air conditioners are frequently available during the busiest summer months to draw customers.
Installing and maintaining: The best operation of an AC depends on proper installation. It is advised to have the AC installed by a certified technician to guarantee optimum positioning, effective functioning, and warranty compliance. The AC must need routine maintenance in order to function well and last longer.
Consumer factors include: Consumers frequently take into account variables like price, energy efficiency, cooling capacity, brand reputation, warranty, and features when purchasing a Singer air conditioner or any other brand. The opinions of customers and referrals from friends and family are also considered while making decisions.
In Bangladesh, Singer is a well-known brand that provides a variety of AC models with different features and capacities. The country’s competitive air conditioning industry is driven by customer demand, which also drives innovation and developments in AC technology. The best place to go for the most recent information about Singer air conditioners, including price and product features, is the official Singer website or authorized shops or showrooms.

Singer AC 2 ton price in Bangladesh: Singer AC price in Bangladesh 2023

Singer AC 2 ton price in Bangladesh is 77,000. Singer AC 2 ton price in Bangladesh might change depending on a number of elements, such as the model, features, energy efficiency rating (EER), and the seller’s location. Seasonal promotions and market factors may also have an influence on price. Singer AC 2-ton price in Bangladesh is 78,000 BDT.
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I suggest contacting authorized shops and showrooms or checking the Singer Bangladesh official website for the most recent and correct information on Singer 2-ton AC costs in Bangladesh. They will be able to provide you the most recent pricing information as well as any active specials or discounts.
Remember that Singer provides a variety of 2-ton AC types, each with its own set of features and pricing ranges, including window ACs, split ACs, and inverter ACs. When choosing the best AC for your needs, take into account your cooling requirements, energy efficiency choices, and budget.


  • Energy source: 1Ph-220-240V50Hz
  • Amount of cooling: 24000 BTU
  • Source: 2180W
  • EER: 11.01
  • Maximum input power: 3200W
  • Starting current: 50 A
  • Compressor Design: Rotary
  • Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo): 1100/980/880 m3/h .
  • input score Energy: 85W
  • Current rating: 0.38 A
  • 50/46/43 dB (A) (Hi/Mi/Lo) is the noise level.
  • packing dimensions are 1165x405x330.
  • Weight inside: 15
  • Gross weight: 55
  • Type of refrigerant: R410A
  • Charge of refrigerant: 1250g

Singer 1.5-ton inverter ac price in Bangladesh 2023 Singer AC price in Bangladesh 2023

A number of variables, like as market demand, currency fluctuations, and promotional offers, can cause price changes for AC over time. I suggest visiting the official Singer website or getting in touch with accredited merchants and showrooms for the most recent pricing information on Singer 1.5-ton inverter ACs in Bangladesh. They will be able to provide you the most recent pricing information as well as any active specials or discounts.
It’s important to take into account an inverter AC’s energy efficiency rating (EER), smart features, warranty coverage, and installation fees when figuring out how much one will cost. Compared to non-inverter versions, inverter air conditioners are often more energy-efficient and offer long-term power bill savings.
I advise checking pricing from several sources and taking into account consumer feedback and ratings in order to make an informed choice. In order to ensure a simple and hassle-free experience with your purchase, be sure to ask about after-sales service and maintenance assistance.


  • Size: 18000 BTU
  • Rated input power: 1730W
  • Current: 230V/50Hz
  • 3.05 EER (W/W) Elite Platform 5 Fan Speed Auto Restart Sleep mode
  • Auto-protection
  • Independent Dehumidification Design with Dual-Directional Drainage
  • Intelligent defrost Simplified PCB and PCB box No Condensate Water & Electricity Connection
  • Gold Fin Twin Rotator Compressor
  • Swing function twice
  • Strong & Quick Cooling
  • Suitable cooling, maintain humidity
  • Wi-Fi command
  • Elite R410a Heating Refrigerant Gas
  • Warranty terms: 5 Years Compressor, 3 Years Service service and parts
Rising Popularity of Inverter ACs: In recent years, inverter air conditioners have gained significant popularity in Bangladesh due to their energy-efficient operation and precise temperature control. As consumers become more conscious about energy consumption and environmental impact, inverter ACs are often preferred over non-inverter models.
Government Initiatives for Energy Efficiency: The government of Bangladesh has been encouraging the use of energy-efficient appliances, including air conditioners, to reduce the country’s overall energy consumption. Incentives and subsidies for purchasing inverter ACs have been introduced to promote their adoption among consumers.
Technological Advancements: Manufacturers like Singer are continuously improving and upgrading their inverter AC models with the latest technologies. These advancements may include improved compressor designs, smart connectivity options, better air purification features, and enhanced energy-saving algorithms.
Seasonal Offers and Discounts: In the highly competitive air conditioning market of Bangladesh, brands like Singer often run seasonal promotions and offer attractive discounts on their products. During peak summer months, consumers may find special deals and bundle offers to make their purchases more budget-friendly.
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Warranty and After-Sales Support: Singer, like other reputable brands, typically offers a comprehensive warranty package for their inverter ACs, including coverage for the compressor and other components. Additionally, the availability of authorized service centers across the country ensures prompt after-sales support and maintenance services.
User-Friendly Features: Inverter ACs often come with user-friendly features such as remote control, digital displays, sleep modes, and timers, making them convenient and easy to operate. Some models may also offer voice control and mobile app integration for added convenience.
Size and Space Optimization: Inverter ACs are designed to be compact and space-efficient, making them suitable for various room sizes and applications. This is particularly advantageous in urban areas, where space is often limited.

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