Muslim baby girl names with meaning letter k

Dear Readers, In this article, you will learn about Muslim Baby Girl Names with “K” and their Meaning. In today’s post, some beautiful and uncommon names for girls with “K” are given, from which you can select the name of your choice. I hope that after reading this article carefully, you will find a name that you like.

Table of Contents: muslim baby girl names with meaning letter k

muslim baby girl names with k

For those of you who search for Islamic names for girls with the first letter “K”, we have compiled a list below. Let’s take the list later:

  • Katha, meaning suffering, pure
  • Koli, meaning most beautiful
  • Kabita: meaning: a poet’s work
  • Kajal: meaning: eye kajal, black color
  • Kanta, meaning having a beautiful, exhausted form
  • Kamini, meaning beautiful woman
  • Koil, meaning cuckoo
  • Karima, meaning charitable, high-minded
  • Kanija: Meaning: Loyalty
  • Kiara: meaning: clear, bright
  • Kakuli, meaning crest
  • Kanika, meaning flower
  • Kamala: meaning flexible, beautiful
  • Kariman: Meaning: Generous woman
  • Kamalah, meaning lotus birth, garden
  • Kalila, meaning beloved
  • Kalika, meaning bud, flower bud
  • Kulsoom Begum meaning: Dansheela Woman
  • Karima, meaning charitable, high-minded
  • Kabisa: meaning, ritual
  • Kalpana, meaning to think or imagine
  • Kokila means cuckoo, whose voice is sweet
  • Kashfi, meaning to uncover
  • Kaushika means thoughts of love and affection
  • Kusumita, meaning a flower that has blossomed
  • Kashvi, meaning shining, beautiful
  • Kohinoor means a beautiful, famous diamond

muslim baby girl names starting with k in urdu

Below is a list of Muslim baby girl names starting with “K” in Urdu in tabular form:





stars; heavenly bodies



the star



secret keeper



Suffering, Catherine’s form, is pure



Companions of Prophet Muhammad






Name of a famous king









big senior



Birth of the lotus; the garden






noble nature; generous; kindness






life partner



Near, close



Generous, magnanimous



generous woman






A Star, Karma, Fate, and Destiny



One with chubby cheeks



Goddess of the dead in mythology



Name of Al Karshiyyah



The most beautiful fort



pure; key keeper


unique muslim baby girl names starting with k

After the birth of a child, the first task of parents is to give the child a beautiful and meaningful name according to Islamic Sunnah and Shariah. which the child’s future is bright. Below, we have compiled a list of some unique Muslim baby girl names starting with “K.

  • Kalila: Name Meaning: Beloved
  • Kalya: name meaning: Beloved; rosebud; flower bud
  • Kallima: Name Meaning: Lecturer; butterfly
  • Kansa: name meaning: to be in peace or harmony
  • Kasturi (name meaning): Musk, an aromatic ingredient, earth
  • Kahira: Name Meaning: Goddess of Protection
  • Kaiji (name meaning: Beautiful; pure)
  • Kaina: name meaning: leader woman, created by Allah
  • Kinaz: Name Meaning: Leader Woman; Rejoice with pride
  • Kainaut: Name Meaning: Universal, World, Creation
  • Kainat: Name Meaning: Universe
  • Kaif: name meaning: kingdom of Joy; happiness
  • Kaiphia: Name Meaning: Bliss
  • Kaima: Name Meaning: Immortal
  • Kaia: Name Meaning: Sacred, Stability, Ocean or Sea
  • Kaiyana: Name Meaning: Open-faced Beauty
  • Kyle (name meaning): Laurel; the crown
  • Kailila: Name Meaning: Beloved
  • Kailillah: Name Meaning: Beloved
  • Kauchar: Name Meaning: A river or lake in heaven
  • Kauthar (name meaning abundant)
  • Kaunain: Name Meaning: Two worlds
  • Kausar: Name Meaning: A fountain in heaven
  • Kawkab (name meaning) star
  • Kawkab Hasna: Name Meaning: Excellent star
  • Kaukaba (name meaning star); the planet
  • Kawchar: Name Meaning: Fountain of Paradise
  • Kawthor: name meaning abundance, a fountain in paradise
  • Kawa: Name Meaning: East
  • Kawakib (name meaning star)

modern muslim baby girl names starting with k

Here is a list of modern Muslim baby girl names that start with K.

  • Kawabat: Name Meaning: They are evening
  • Kakuli: Name Meaning: Crest
  • Kazma: Name Meaning: Generous
  • Kazim (name meaning): Beautiful and intelligent
  • Kajima (name meaning): One who controls anger
  • Kazimah (name meaning: One who controls his anger)
  • Kashew: Name Meaning: Cute
  • Kazema: Name Meaning: Remembrance of Anger
  • Katima: Name Meaning: End
  • Kathija (name meaning): Prophet Muhammad’s wife
  • Kathir: Name Meaning: Abundant
  • Kathir: Name Meaning: Abundant
  • Kathira: Name Meaning: Abundant
  • Kathrah: Name Meaning: Abundant
  • Katrun: Name Meaning: Greatness
  • Katiba: Name Meaning: Battalion, Regiment
  • Katibah: name meaning Writer; who writes
  • Katema: Name Meaning: The woman who hides the faults of others
  • Katrunnada: Name Meaning: Point of Greatness
  • Kadri: name meaning: Torture; pure

muslim baby girl arabic names starting with k

Here you can check the list of Muslim baby girls Arabic names starting with “K.

  • Kiah: Name Meaning: A New Beginning
  • Kiva: Name Meaning: Beautiful
  • KizaKitty: Name Meaning: Pussycat
  • Kyda: Name Meaning: Preserved
  • Kyna (name meaning intelligence)
  • Kyra (name meaning Princess)
  • Kaawa (name meaning): East
  • Kaaya (name meaning body)
  • Kabul: Name Meaning: Acceptance; Fulfilled Wish
  • Kadin (name meaning): Companion
  • Kadri: name meaning: Torture; Pure
  • Kafia: Name Meaning, and Poem
  • Kahsa: Name Meaning Of an Ancient People
  • Kaima: Name Meaning: Immortal
  • Kaina: Name Meaning: Leader Woman; Created by God
  • Kaira name meaning: Sweet; Peaceful; Pure; and unique
  • Kaizy (name meaning: Beautiful; pure)
  • Kalah: Name Meaning: Slim and Fair; Beloved; Sweetheart
  • Kalie: Name Meaning: Laurel; Beloved; Keeper of the
  • Kalin: Name Meaning: Combination of Caleb and Colin
  • Kally: Name Meaning: Most Beautiful; Fortress; Modern
  • KalmaIn (name meaning): Mythology Goddess of the Dead
  • Kalyn: Name Meaning: Pure; Keeper of the Keys
  • Kamal (name meaning): Lotus Flower
  • Kamar (name meaning): Like the Moon
  • Kamna: Name Meaning: Desire; Expectation; Wish
  • Kamra: name meaning desirable; Beautiful
  • Kamsa: Name Meaning: Happiness
  • Kamya (name meaning: Lucky; beautiful)
  • Kanij: Name Meaning: Worker; Helper
  • Kaniz: Name Meaning: Slave Girl; Servant
  • Kansa: Name Meaning: To Stay in Peace and Harmony
  • Kanza: Name Meaning: Hidden Treasure
  • Karam: Name Meaning: Noble Nature; Generous; Liberality
  • Karin: Name Meaning: Chaste; Pure One; Form of
  • Karma: Name Meaning: A Star; Action; Fate; Destiny
  • Kasra: Name Meaning: Truthful; Faithful; Beauty
  • Kaswa: Name Meaning: Prophet Vehicle
  • Kayan: Name Meaning: Entity; Strong Existence
  • Kayda: Name Meaning: Rule; Preserved; One who brought
  • Kayle: Name Meaning: Laurel; Crowned
  • Kayma, name meaning Immortal; Also spelled Kaima

muslim baby girl double names starting with k

Dear friends, Muslim baby girl double names starting with “K” are listed only for your convenience. Hopefully, there is something new waiting for you in this list. So without further delay, let’s read the following list:

  • Kadeeja Shaheen (name meaning) is First wife of prophet Muhammad (S) Royal
  • Kadeeja Dalila—Name Meaning: Kadeeja is first wife of prophet Muhammad (S) Delicate
  • Kadeeja Falak (name meaning): Kadeeja is first wife of prophet Muhammad(s), Cosmos
  • Kadeeja Jannat (name meaning: First Wife Of Prophet Muhammad) .Paradise
  • Kadeeja Laila: Name Meaning: First wife of prophet Muhammad(s) Night
  • Kadeeja Mehar (name meaning kindness) is first wife of Prophet Muhammad (S)
  • Kadeeja Raihana (name meaning: Sweet basil)
  • Kadeeja Shafna (name meaning) is a purehearted woman
  • Kadeeja Yasmine (name meaning: Jasmine flower)
  • Kenza Ayzal: Name Meaning: Treasur, Gift of God
  • Kenza Mariyam (name meaning Treasure, Mother of Prophets)
  • Kenza Shazra (name meaning: Treasure, Piece of gold)

hindu baby girl names starting with k in muslim

We have compiled a list of the most beautiful, unique and wonderful Hindu baby girl names, starting with the letter “K”. Below is a list of Hindu girl names starting with letter “K” with meanings:

  • Kadambini (name meaning: resembles clouds)
  • Kaajal: Name Meaning: Eye-liner
  • Kaashvi (name meaning): Someone shining
  • Kaanchana (name meaning): Gold
  • Kadambari (name meaning): Goddess Saraswati
  • Kaishori (name meaning): Goddess Parvati
  • Kakali: Name Meaning: Chirping of birds
  • Kahini (name meaning young)
  • Kalaka: Name Meaning: Blue
  • Kalapremi (name meaning): Art lover
  • Kalapi: Name Meaning: Peacock
  • Kalavati—Name Meaning—Artist
  • Kalandhika (name meaning): Bestower of art
  • Kalapini—Name Meaning—Night
  • Kalindi (name meaning): Yamuna River
  • Kalika (name meaning): Rosebud
  • Kalpana: Name Meaning, and Imagination
  • Kama (name meaning): Beloved
  • Kalinda (name meaning mythical mountains)
  • Kalliyan (name meaning: An auspicious woman)
  • Kalyani: name meaning: Someone who is fortunate
  • Kamadha (name meaning): Granting desires
  • Kamala: Name Meaning: Perfection
  • Kamakshi (name meaning): Someone with Lotus-like eyes
  • Kamalini (name meaning): Lotus
  • Kamana: name, meaning, Desire
  • Kamnika (name meaning) is beautiful
  • Kanakabati (name meaning): A fairy tale
  • Kanan (name meaning): Forest
  • Kampana: Name Meaning: Unsteady
  • Kanchanprabha (name meaning): The golden light
  • Kangalakshmi: Name Meaning: Brave
  • Kanchi (name meaning): A waistband
  • Kanisha: Name Meaning: Pretty
  • Kankana: Name Meaning: Bracelet
  • Kantha: Name Meaning: Name of a God
  • Kanupriya (name meaning): Lord Krishna
  • Kanyana (name meaning): Maiden
  • Kapardini (name meaning): A goddess
  • Karishma (name meaning): Miracle
  • Karthika: Name Meaning: Name of the star
  • Karuna: Name Meaning: Compassion
  • Kasturi: name meaning: fragmented material
  • Kausudhi (name meaning moonlight)
  • Kavika: Name Meaning: Poet
  • Kavitha (name meaning ornate style)
  • Kaviya: name, meaning, Wisdom
  • Kedhari (name meaning): Lord Shiva
  • Keerthi (name meaning): Fame
  • Kerani (name meaning Sacred bells)

muslim names for baby girl starting with k

Below is the list of Muslim baby girl names starting with “K.

  • Kayra: Name Meaning: Princess; Unique; Blessing of God
  • Kaysa: Name Meaning: Pure
  • Kazim (name meaning): Beautiful and Intelligent
  • Kazma: Name Meaning: Generous
  • Kedma—Name Meaning—Towards the East
  • Keeva -Name Meaning: Pretty; Gentle; Beauty; Gentleness
  • Keily: Name Meaning: Boomerang; Slender and Fair
  • Kelva (name meaning: Full of Dreams; precious)
  • Kensa: Name Meaning: First
  • Kenza: name, meaning, Treasure
  • Kenzi—Name Meaning—My Treasure
  • Khair: Name Meaning: Good; Blessing; Boon; Wealth
  • Khali: Name Meaning: Immortal; Eternal
  • Khani: Name Meaning: Hidden
  • Kharo (name meaning bird)
  • Khasa: Name Meaning: A Kind of Perfume; Of an Ancient
  • Khayr: name meaning: Goodness; Good Deeds; Better
  • Kheer: Name Meaning: Virtue; Honour; Generosity
  • Khora: Name Meaning: Pure
  • Khoza: Name Meaning: Simple
  • Khuld: Name Meaning: Paradise; Heaven; Eternal
  • Khuta: Name Meaning, and Steps; The Plural of Khutwah
  • Khyla: Name Meaning: Narrow; Slender
  • Kiana: Name Meaning: Soft; Silky; Divine; Royal
  • Kibra: Name Meaning: Forest / Jungle
  • Kifah: Name Meaning: Struggle
  • Kifli: Name Meaning: Truth in the Heavens
  • Kinda: Name Meaning: A name of Old Arabian Tribe

muslim girl names beginning with k

Below is the list of Muslim girl’s names starting with letter “K,” which we have compiled specially for you:

  • Kadi: name meaning: Purified, rhyming variant of Katie
  • Khadija, name meaning: first wife of Prophet Muhammad
  • Khadijah: Name Meaning: Trustworthy
  • Kadin (name meaning): Companion
  • Kadima: name meaning: advancing, coming
  • Kadira: Name Meaning: Mighty; able; Good at many things
  • Kadiha (name meaning): to strive; hard work
  • Kadira: Name Meaning: Strong, Able
  • Kadeiza: Name Meaning: Trustworthy
  • Kadeja: Name Meaning: Premature Child
  • Kadezah: Name Meaning: Trustworthy
  • Kanwal: Name Meaning: Shapla
  • Kanj: Name Meaning: Treasure of Heaven; treasure
  • Kanja: Name Meaning: Treasure
  • Kanjah: Name Meaning: Treasure
  • Kanval: Name Meaning: Flower.
  • Kaniz: name meaning: slave.
  • Kaniz Fatima: Name Meaning: Loyalty Immaculate
  • Kaniz Mahfuza: Name Meaning: Loyalty protection
  • Kanijah: Name Meaning: Firmness of flush; Body is strong
  • Kanisa: name meaning: One with beautiful eyes; diamond
  • Kafayat: Name Meaning: Do not judge me
  • Kafi (name meaning) is another name of Allah, genius
  • Kafia: Name Meaning: Poetry
  • Kafiyyah: Name Meaning: Sufficient
  • Kafilat: name meaning satisfactory; to help
  • Kabsha: Name Meaning: Dumba
  • Kabshah (name meaning): He was a companion
  • Kabira: Name Meaning: Great
  • Kabul: name meaning: Acceptance; wish fulfillment

new muslim baby girl names starting with k

Check out the list of new Muslim baby girl names starting with letter “K” below-

  • Kamna: Name Meaning: Desire; expectations; Desire
  • Kammil (name meaning): Perfection, a ritual attendant
  • Kamra: name meaning: Desirable; beautiful
  • Kamrunisha (name meaning: Successful; lucky)
  • Kamrunnisa (name meaning: Moon of women)
  • Kamala: name meaning perfect; Goddess; flowers
  • Kamsa: Name Meaning: Happiness
  • Kamaylah (name meaning whole; without error; perfect)
  • Kamaria (name meaning: Beautiful, bright like the moon)
  • Kamarun: Name Meaning: Moon
  • Kamarunisa (name meaning: Moon of women)
  • Kamal: Name Meaning: Lotus Flower
  • Kamaliyah: Name Meaning: Perfection
  • Kamiya (name meaning: Lucky; beautiful)
  • Kamil: name meaning: perfect, complete
  • Kamila: name meaning: perfect; complete
  • Kamilat (name meaning): complete, complete
  • Kamilah: Name Meaning: Perfect
  • Kamilia: Name Meaning: Helper of Priests
  • Kamilya is perfection
  • Kamilla is whole; without error; perfect
  • Kamillah is perfection
  • Kamela is full.
  • Kaida rules, reserved

baby girl names starting with k in muslim

Here we have collected some Muslim baby girl names starting with letter “K,” which have been selected keeping in mind all the points mentioned above:

  • Kaynat: Name Meaning: Universe
  • Kaynath: Name Meaning: Universe; the World
  • Kaima: name meaning Immortal; Also spelled as Kaima
  • Kaira: name meaning Princess; unique
  • Kayrunnisa: Name Meaning: The best woman
  • Kaysa: Name Meaning: Pure
  • Kaysah: Name Meaning He was a narrator of hadith.
  • Kaya: Name Meaning: Body
  • Kayan (name meaning entity; powerful existence)
  • Kayanat (name meaning): World; the universe
  • Kaira: Name Meaning: Silence
  • Kaeda: name meaning: leader, chief, leader
  • Kaynat: Name Meaning: World; the Universe
  • Kaisha: Name Meaning: Princess
  • Karwan (name meaning variety of plover bird)
  • Kardawiyah (name meaning): A pious woman
  • Kardawaiyah (name meaning): Daughter of Amr Al Basriya
  • Karamat (name meaning): wonder; A miracle
  • Karamah: name meaning respect; To be respected
  • Karisma: name meaning miracle; favorable
  • Karida: name meaning: Untouchable; the virgin; daughter
  • Karin (name meaning): pure, pure one
  • Karinda: Name Meaning: Untouchable; the virgin
  • Karima: Name Meaning: Generous, Magnificent, Extraordinary
  • Karima Dilshad: Name Meaning: High-minded Manohabirani
  • Karimah: name meaning: Giving; generous; noble character
  • Kareena: Name Meaning: Consort Wife
  • Karima: Name Meaning: High-minded, high-minded
  • Karen: name meaning: pure; pure; clear; the virgin
  • Karstin: Name Meaning: Form of Karstina
  • Kalh—name meaning—thin and fair; Beloved darling
  • Kaltham: Name Meaning: Name of Al Karshia
  • Kalsum: Name Meaning: Beautiful Woman


This was the list of Islamic names for girls with “K” meanings. If you’ve seen this far, we’re pretty sure you’ve picked a favorite name from the list of Islamic names for girls with “K” for your beloved babu. We are very pleased and glad that we could help you.

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