Muslim baby girl names with meaning letter L

Today’s post is for those of you who are constantly searching the internet for a list of Islamic names for girls with “L”. By reading this post you will know girls names with “L” and meaning of names. If you want to choose your favorite name through today’s post then your task is to read this post very carefully from the beginning to the end. So let’s start now-

Table of Contents: muslim baby girl names with meaning letter L

muslim baby girl names with L

After the birth of a child, parents naturally feel very happy and joyful. And when our girl child is born, we are much happier. Because after giving birth to a girl child, we weave many types of dreams. Baby naming is an important matter after birth. Here is a list of Muslim baby girl names starting with “L”. Let’s find out the names-

  • Lata = Tarulata / creeper of the tree
  • Lipi = writing
  • Liza = Friendly
  • Lucky = fortunate
  • Labiba = Wise
  • Lalima = beautiful
  • Layla = brunette
  • Lubaba = Pure
  • Lovely = beautiful, sweet
  • Labani = successful / victorious
  • Lima = Nayan / Ankhi
  • Lamia = Lucky/Bright
  • Lina = delightful
  • Lochana = eyes
  • Lalita = lover of beauty
  • Lily = Lotus
  • Laili = Night
  • Lubna = tree
  • Lubina = purity, purity
  • Lishika = beautiful, brilliant
  • Lavanya = Beauty
  • Latifa = graceful, gentle
  • Lamia = Lustrous or bright crimson red ruby
  • Latasha = Birth day of Jesus who was born
  • Latisha = Anand
  • Labanur = light of love
  • Lavani = beauty, radiance
  • Lipi = letter, writing
  • Laiju = humble
  • Lalit = beautiful
  • Lahri = wave
  • Lohita = ruby red, sunshine
  • Lajni = Shy
  • Lily = flower special
  • Lahma = fraction of time
  • Lahrika = ocean waves
  • Lahita = gentle, easy
  • Latika = small creeper
  • Lalna = beautiful woman
  • Lafiu = beautiful
  • Lahifa = helper
  • Lafiza = powerful, deep like the ocean
  • Loyli = Queen of the night, night
  • Lubana = desire, expectation
  • Linea = soft, flexible, lively
  • Laurifa = beautiful and intelligent woman
  • Linasha = beautiful, beautiful
  • Lisha = Vibhavapurna, Prabhashalini
  • Layna = sunlight, sun rays
  • Lipika = Lekhni, small letter
  • Lamisha = beautiful, bright, newly blooming flower
  • Lalita = beautiful, one of Radha’s Ashtasakhis, daughter of Nagarraja
  • Lopa = consort of the sage, another name of Goddess Durga
  • Lubaina = Gate of Heaven
  • Lutfa = gentleness, kindness

muslim baby girl names starting with L in urdu

Here are some Muslim baby girl names starting with “L” in Urdu-





night bird



the princess



Nokia phone









sweet words



full of



which creeps






the gold






Youth Queen



Hand jewelry



Composed by the poet






Pretty flexible






Everyone’s favorite too



the traveler


unique muslim baby girl names starting with L

If you want Islamic and unique names with “L” for your baby, then you can check the list below. Not only the name, from here you can also know the meaning of the name:

  • Lakhta (name meaning) ear ring
  • Lata: Name Meaning: Tarulata / tree Vine
  • Latafat: Name Meaning: Elegance, Gentleness, Kindness
  • Latayef: name meaning: Gentle; the kind
  • Latika: Name Meaning: Small Creaper
  • Latigah: name meaning kind; polite
  • Latif: Name Meaning: Gentle, Pleasant
  • Latifa: name meaning: gentle, kind, subtly, sweet
  • Latifah: Name Meaning: Elegance
  • Latifah (name meaning) Gentle, kind, pleasant, and friendly
  • Latifah, Latifah—Name Meaning: Gentle, Kind, Pleasant, Friendly
  • Latifi: name meaning: Gentle; the kind
  • Latimah—Name Meaning—Scent
  • Londin: Name Meaning: Fair and Magnificent
  • Lablubah: name meaning tender; Affectionate
  • Layna: name meaning: sun’s light, Sun’s rays
  • Loyli: Name Meaning: Queen of the night, Night
  • Lorayb: Name Meaning: Flawless, Pure, Unblemished
  • Loraj: Name Meaning: Mystery
  • Lorin: Name Meaning: Shrub; sweet bay Tree
  • Laurifa (name meaning) is a beautiful and intelligent girl
  • Lorraine: Name Meaning: From Lorraine
  • Lalna: Name Meaning: Beautiful Woman
  • Lalit: Name Meaning: Beautiful
  • Lalita: name meaning: beautiful woman, diversity, beauty
  • Lashira: name meaning: very intelligent
  • Losif: Name Meaning: Shining
  • Lahma: name meaning; fraction of time
  • Lahrika: Name Meaning: Sea Waves
  • Lahri: Name Meaning: Sea Waves

modern muslim baby girl names starting with L

Dear readers, for your convenience, we have included the modern Muslim baby girl names starting with “L” in list form below:

  • Laham: Name Meaning: Insight
  • Lahita: Name Meaning: Gentle, Simple
  • Lahifa: Name Meaning: Helper
  • Laika (name meaning: Beautiful; elegant)
  • Laikah: name meaning: Worthy; elegant; appropriate
  • Laiju: Name Meaning: Modest
  • Laina: Name Meaning: Soft, Flexible, Lively
  • Laiba: Name Meaning: Beautiful woman heaven
  • Laimah: Name Meaning: Beautiful
  • Laia (name meaning: dark beauty; the night)
  • Lyra: Name Meaning: Star
  • Lyle: Name Meaning: Night
  • Lailat: Name Meaning: Night
  • Laylan: Name Meaning: Two Nights
  • Lailah (name meaning: night, night born, sweetheart)
  • Laili (name meaning) was born during the light of the night
  • Layliyyah (name meaning) relates to the night
  • Lailuma: Name Meaning: Bright moon-Night
  • Laish: Name Meaning: A Lion
  • Laisha: name meaning Prosperous; the angel
  • Lysa—Name Meaning—Devoted to Faith
  • Laiha: Name Meaning: Shining
  • Lawahiz: Name Meaning: Seeing a Wink
  • Lucky: Name Meaning: Lucky
  • Lakitia, name meaning Woman; the life
  • Lakia: Name Meaning: Treasure
  • Lakiah (name meaning): Treasure found
  • Lakisha: Name Meaning: Joyous, Happy, Woman, Alive
  • Lakisia: Name Meaning: Woman
  • Laquina: Name Meaning: The bravest; loving

muslim baby girl arabic names starting with L

The child’s Islamic name must be meaningful. No more worries about naming your child. Below, we have arranged the most beautiful Arabic names for Muslim baby girls that start with “L.

  • Laaiqah: Name Meaning: Worthy
  • Laal (name meaning): Ruby, The prettiest red
  • Labeeba: Name Meaning: Eloquent, Intelligent
  • Labeebah (name meaning wise)
  • Labibah: Name Meaning: Intelligent, Sensible
  • Labisah: Name Meaning: Wearer
  • Lafiza—Name Meaning: As deep as the Sea
  • Lahifa: Name Meaning: Helper
  • Lahna (name meaning): Gift of God
  • Laiba (name meaning): Angel of heaven
  • Laiha: Name Meaning: Glitter
  • Lail—Name Meaning—Night
  • Laila (name meaning) Of the night
  • Lailuma—Name Meaning—Bright Moon-Night
  • Laiq: Name Meaning: Deserving
  • Laiqa (name meaning smile)
  • Laiqah: Name Meaning: Worthy, Deserving,
  • Laira—Name Meaning—Stars
  • Laisha: Name Meaning: Prosperous, Angel
  • Lajwa (name meaning): Beautiful Flowers
  • Lakeshia: Name Meaning: Alive, Active
  • Lakhsha—Name Meaning—Glittering
  • Lalaa—Name Meaning: Shine, Shimmer, Glimmer,
  • Lalee (name meaning: Ruby, Pearl)
  • Lamah (name meaning brilliant)
  • Lamees: name meaning: Pure silk
  • Lamiah (name meaning): Shine
  • Lamis: Name Meaning: Soft, Tender
  • Lamisa (name meaning: New fresh bud)
  • Lana (name meaning: Soft, gentle)
  • Lanika: Name Meaning: The Best
  • Laraib: Name Meaning: Confident
  • Larifa: Name Meaning: Intelligent girl
  • Larin (name meaning) is beautiful.
  • Larmina: Name Meaning: Blue sky
  • Laseef: Name Meaning: Glitter
  • Lashirah (name meaning: Very intelligent)
  • Latayif (name meaning: Gentle, kind)
  • Latifi: name, meaning, Kind
  • Layali: Name Meaning: Nights
  • Layan: name meaning: Kind, Gentle
  • Layla: Name Meaning: Dark Beauty
  • Layyah: Name Meaning: Flexure
  • Leem (name meaning): Peace
  • Leena (name meaning soft)
  • Leilah—Name Meaning—Night
  • Lekeisha (name meaning woman)
  • Lema (name meaning): Eye
  • Lena: Name Meaning: Light, Pledge
  • Laaibah (name meaning): The prettiest woman in all the heavens

muslim baby girl double names starting with L

Currently, the trend of keeping names according to Islamic customs is declining in Muslim society. Here are some selected double names for Muslim baby girls that start with “L:

  • Lahna Niha Inan (name meaning: God-gifted beautiful flower)
  • Lahza Fathima—Name Meaning: Blink of an eye
  • Lahza Mehar: Name Meaning: Bling of an eye, Loving
  • Laiba Zinah (name meaning: Angel from heaven, beauty)
  • Laiqa Lamis (name meaning: Intelligent, soft)
  • Laisha Mehrin—Name Meaning: Prosperous, Loving
  • Lamah Shafza: Name Meaning: Brilliancy, Success
  • Lamiya Anaya—Name Meaning: Brilliant, the mercy of Allah
  • Lashirah Falaq (name meaning: Very intelligent, Break of dawn)
  • Liyana Zoya: Name Meaning: Softness, Loving and Caring
  • Lu Luah—Name Meaning—She was a narrator of Hadith.

hindu baby girl names starting with L in muslim

A name is the best means of identifying a person. Below, we will know Hindu baby girl names that start with “L” in Muslim-

  • Lajja: Name Meaning: Modesty
  • Lajvati: Name Meaning: Shy
  • Laabha: Name Meaning, and Profit
  • Labangalata (name meaning: Flowering creeper)
  • Lajvanti (name meaning) is another name for Touch me not plant
  • Lajwanti: Name Meaning: Humble
  • Laasya (name meaning dance)
  • Labuki (name meaning): Musical instrument
  • Lajjawati: name meaning: Sensitive plant
  • Laksha (name meaning): White Rose
  • Lakshmichaitanya: Name Meaning: Divine radiance
  • Lakshita: Name Meaning: Unique
  • Lakshmidevi (name meaning): Goddess Lakshmi
  • Lakshana (name meaning) is a sign
  • Lakshiya: name meaning: An aim
  • Lakshmidurgadevi (name meaning): Goddess Durga
  • Lakshmishree: Name Meaning: Fortunate
  • Lalima: Name Meaning: Morning Red Sky
  • Lalitha: Name Meaning: Elegant
  • Lalithya: Name Meaning: Affection
  • Lalita: Name Meaning: Charmer
  • Latangi (name meaning Slim girl)
  • Latika (name meaning: Small creeper)
  • Lavanya (name meaning): Grace
  • Lavana—Name Meaning—Beauty
  • Laya: name, meaning: Rhythm of music
  • Lekha (name, meaning, picture)
  • Laveena (name meaning) is a charming woman
  • Lipi: name, meaning, Script
  • Lochana: Name Meaning: Eye
  • Lohita (name meaning): Ruby
  • Lilavati (name meaning): Goddess Durga
  • Lopa (name meaning: Wife of a sage)
  • Labdhi (name meaning): Heavenly power
  • Labonya: Name Meaning: Brilliant
  • Ladhi (name meaning): Music
  • Laghu: Name Meaning: Quick
  • Lahana (name meaning): Merciful
  • Laher (name meaning): Wave
  • Lajita: Name Meaning: Modest
  • Laila (name meaning: Sweet heart)
  • Lajjita: Name Meaning: Blushing
  • Lajvati: Name Meaning: Shy
  • Lakashokavinashini (name meaning): Remover of universal agony
  • Lakhbir (name meaning): Brave
  • Lakisha: Name Meaning: Joyful
  • Laksetha: Name Meaning: Distinguished
  • Lakshmi Priya—Name Meaning: Tulsi
  • Lakshanya: Name Meaning: Successful
  • Lakshna (name meaning) is the luckiest person

muslim names for baby girl starting with L

Dear readers, here we will know the Muslim baby girl names starting with “L:

  • Lika: Name Meaning: Queen of Rocks
  • Liga: Name Meaning: Beauty
  • Lijna (name meaning): Allah is holy
  • Liza (name meaning: sweet; beautiful)
  • Lysine: Name Meaning: Silver
  • Lizaralis (name meaning: Soft to the touch)
  • Lizahayti: Name Meaning: Abundant Allah
  • Lida: name meaning: noble kind, love, joy, happiness
  • Lydia (name meaning) Beautiful one; great one
  • Lin (name meaning): waterfall, cascade, lake, pool
  • Linsha: Name Meaning: Merciful
  • Lina: name meaning: living, promising, noble, noble
  • Linah: Name Meaning: Leena, Leena tender
  • Linara: Name Meaning: Born from Beauty
  • Linasha: Name Meaning: Beautiful, Beautiful
  • Linah: Name Meaning: Tender
  • Lini: Name Meaning: Soft
  • Linit, Name, Meaning, Rest
  • Linniah—Name Meaning: Gentle; friendly; affordable
  • Linora: name meaning bright; bright one
  • Linta: name meaning soft heart; quite
  • Lipa: Name Meaning: Spread
  • Lipi, Name Meaning and Writing
  • Lipika: Name Meaning: Lekhni, small letter
  • Liba—Name Meaning—One of the most beautiful
  • Lebanon (name meaning: successful; charmed)
  • Liva: Name Meaning: Olive Tree
  • Limra: name meaning Pleasant; Allah’s gift
  • Lima: Name Meaning: Cultural
  • Leah (name meaning) Beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious

muslim girl names beginning with L

Naming of a child is the responsibility and duty of a parent. Below, we are going to know the Muslim girls names starting with “L.

  • Laisha: Name Meaning: Angel; Rich
  • Layan-Name Meaning: Softness; tenderness
  • Layana: Name Meaning: Eyes of Light
  • Layanah (name meaning): Thrifty; friendly; light; polite
  • Lyal: Name Meaning: Night
  • Layali: Name Meaning: Night
  • Layali: Name Meaning: Night; Plural of Laila
  • Laina (name meaning: tender, gentle, resilient)
  • Layina: name meaning: Tender, soft, delicate
  • Lion (name meaning: tender; resilient)
  • Laeba: Name Meaning: Love
  • Larbi: Name Meaning: Arabic
  • Larin: Name Meaning: Beautiful
  • Lal (name meaning): Ruby; the pearl
  • Laljari: Name Meaning: Red-Robby; Czar: Golden
  • Lala-Name Meaning: Tulip; Well said; giving respect
  • Lali: Name Meaning: Well said
  • Lalima: Name Meaning: Beautiful
  • Laleh: Name Meaning: Tulip Flower
  • Lasna: Name Meaning: Eloquent
  • Lasiniyah: name meaning: Eloquent; fluent
  • Lasima—Name Meaning—Clever
  • Lasena: name meaning desire; happy
  • Laska: Name Meaning: Army or Soldier
  • Lahja: Name Meaning: In the blink of an eye
  • Lahna: name meaning; gift of Allah
  • Lahifa: Name Meaning: Helper
  • Lahya: Name Meaning: Gift
  • Lee (name meaning): Dweller near a wood or clearing
  • Liwa (name meaning flag), a major division of an army

new muslim baby girl names starting with L

Here are new Muslim baby girl names starting with “L:

  • Labiba: Name Meaning: Wise
  • Labbanah: Name Meaning: Milk
  • Lovely (name meaning): beautiful, sweet
  • Laviza: Name Meaning: Daughter of Adam
  • Lavijah: name meaning: thirst for knowledge
  • Lamha: Name Meaning and Time
  • Lama: name meaning: dark lips
  • Laman: Name Meaning: Shining
  • Lamasia (name meaning: Soft and gentle)
  • Lamah: Name Meaning: Brightness
  • Lameez: Name Meaning: Soft to the Touch
  • Lamiza: name meaning: Kind; Soft to the touch
  • Lamia: Name Meaning: Bright
  • Lamiyah (name meaning) of beautiful dark lips; Gullet
  • Lamisha (name meaning: Beautiful, bright, newly blooming flower)
  • Lamis: name meaning: soft to the touch; smooth; the sun
  • Lamis: Name Meaning: Lamis is soft to the touch
  • Lamisa: name meaning: flower of new birth; Soft to the touch
  • Lamisah (name meaning: Soft to the touch)
  • Lamiha: Name Meaning: Bright
  • Lamba: name meaning: flame, big, wide, tall
  • Lamya: name meaning: sweet lips, dark lips
  • Lamya: Name Meaning: Lamya has black lips
  • Laika (name meaning): Favorable; the most beautiful
  • Layna: Name Meaning: Happy Life
  • Laila (name meaning: dark beauty; the night)
  • Laila: Name Meaning: Laila, Leela Raat
  • Laila: Name Meaning: Joy, Excitement
  • Laili: name meaning: liquor; addiction

baby girl names starting with L in muslim

A child is a mercy given by Allah and if it is a girl child, then there is infinite mercy and blessings. Below, we have compiled a list of baby girl names starting with “L” in Muslim for you:

  • Lakkia: name meaning; treasure found
  • Laksha: Name Meaning: Shining
  • Lakhi: Name Meaning: Lucky
  • Laj (name): meaning: Honor; respect
  • Lajwa: Name Meaning: Beautiful Flower
  • Lajni: Name Meaning: Shy
  • Lajbati: Name Meaning: Shy
  • Lajbanti: Name Meaning: Shy
  • Lajiza (name meaning: sweet; beautiful)
  • Lazin: Name Meaning: The key to Politeness
  • Lazina: Name Meaning: Energetic
  • Lazim: Name Meaning: Necessary, fitting, Mandatory
  • Lajima: Name Meaning: Essential
  • Lazimah (name meaning): To desire, to seek after
  • Latasha (name meaning) is Birth day of Jesus, who was born
  • Latisha: Name Meaning: Anand
  • Lathefa: name meaning: beautiful; kind; gentle; pleasant
  • Ladan (name meaning): witness
  • Lana (name meaning: attractive, fair, handsome)
  • Lanika: Name Meaning: Best
  • Landa: Name Meaning: Reference to Virgin Mary
  • Lafiza: name meaning: deep like the sea
  • Lafira (name meaning victorious)
  • Labani: name meaning: beauty, radiance
  • Lavanya: Name Meaning: Beauty
  • Lavanyamayi: Name Meaning: Beauty Shalini
  • Labani: Name Meaning: Successful / Victorious
  • Labanur: Name Meaning: Light of Love
  • Labiba: name meaning: Intelligent, intelligent, understanding
  • Labibah: name meaning Wise; Name of a companion


Dear Readers, Above has included almost all Islamic baby girl names starting with letter “L”. I hope you found your desired name for your baby from the list of Islamic names with meaning. If you have benefited from this article, then stay with us to get updates of new names and share the posts with your friends. I am finishing here today. Allah is Hafez. 24352

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