Muslim baby boy names with meaning letter t

Are you looking for Islamic names with “T” for your baby boy? Then today’s post is for you. Through this post, you will learn about Muslim baby boy names starting with letter “T”. Which is given in list form. I hope you can pick your favorite name from here. So without delay, let’s find out Muslim baby boy names starting with letter “T”-

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muslim baby boy names with

Today’s post on Islamic names for boys with “T” is our arrangement for the new guest in your house. So let’s take a look at some of the Islamic names for boys that start with the letter “T” in the English alphabet. I hope this list will be useful for you.

  • Tamizuddin—Name Meaning—Characteristics of Deen
  • Taif: name meaning: circumambulator, circumambulator
  • Toufiq: name meaning: cheerful, cheerful
  • Tariq: Name Meaning: Way, approach, Method
  • Tariqul Islam: Name Meaning and Path of Islam
  • Tarif: name meaning: rare thing, rare thing
  • Tanha: Name Meaning: Name of a Surah of Al-Quran
  • Taif: name meaning: circumambulator, circumambulator
  • Taifur Rahman: Name Meaning: Wanderer towards Allah
  • Taifur Islam: Name Meaning: Traveler of Islam
  • Taib: Name Meaning: Repentant Returner
  • Taibur Rahman: Name Meaning: The one who repents to Allah, the one who returns to Allah
  • Taim: Name Meaning: Slave
  • Taimur Rahman: Name Meaning: Merciful servant of Allah
  • Tawsif: name meaning; description of qualities, praise of qualities
  • Tasir: name meaning: influence, power, impression
  • Tanmay: Name Meaning: Involved
  • Topon: Name Meaning: Sun, Summer
  • Tabib: Name Meaning: Doctor
  • Tomal: Name Meaning: A kind of tree like a cow
  • Tami: Name Meaning: Strongly interested, aspirant
  • Tamiz: Name Meaning: Difference, Superiority, Characteristics
  • Tawshin: Name Meaning: Decoration, Decoration
  • Tauhid: Name Meaning: Unity, Oneness
  • Takrim: Name Meaning: Honoring, Honoring
  • Tafi: Name Meaning: God-fearing, honest
  • Taqiuddin: Name Meaning: Pious, Pious
  • Taskin: Name Meaning: Punishing, Comforting
  • Tasfif: name meaning; arrangement, arrangement
  • Tasmin – Name Meaning – Evaluation, Evaluation
  • Taj: Name Meaning: Crown
  • Tajuddin: Name Meaning: Crown of Religion
  • Tajul Islam: Name Meaning: Crown of Islam
  • Tatmim: name meaning: completion, completion
  • Tabrid: Name Meaning: Alleviation, alleviation

muslim baby boy names starting with t in urdu

Read the list of Muslim baby boy names starting with “T” in Urdu-





Support, declaration of innocence



Good news, Congratulations



Radiant, bright



Luster, brightness



Blessings, glory



Blessings and good wishes









Glorious description, high praise



Perfection, completeness, and fullness



Date merchant



Security, assurance, deposit






Construction, maintenance, and longevity



Full, perfect, companion’s name






Support, patronage



beautification, decoration



Show respect and dignity



Elevation, improvement






Consolation, healing, healing






Refinement, establishment



Patronage, support


unique muslim baby boy names starting with

Dear readers, here is a list of unique Muslim baby boy names starting with letter “T” for you. You can choose the name as per your convenience from here:

  • Tasnim (name meaning): sweet drink of paradise
  • Tahsin: Name Meaning: Securing and Strengthening
  • Tahmid: Name Meaning: High Praise high praise
  • Tahzib: Name Meaning: Civilization, Education, Refinement
  • Tahsin: Name Meaning: Development, Development, Decoration
  • Taher: Name Meaning: Poba, pure, clean
  • Titas: Name Meaning: Name of a River
  • Tim: Name Meaning: Full Moon, Full Moon
  • Timam: Name Meaning: Full Moon
  • Tin: Name Meaning: Ffig, Ffig Tree
  • Tib: Name Meaning: Excellence, Joy, Fragrance
  • Timar: Name Meaning: Care, Service, Care
  • Timardar: name meaning: caregiver, Servant
  • Tufan: Name Meaning: Flood, Flood
  • Turab: Name Meaning: Soil
  • Turag: Name Meaning: Turag’s father is Sunirmal
  • Tankin: Name Meaning: Dusty
  • Tushar: Name Meaning: Ice, Nihar
  • Tuhin (name meaning): snow ice
  • Timor: Name Meaning: Steel
  • Timor Lame (name meaning): Lame Timur, famous Mohul Prophet
  • Tayyeb: Name Meaning Good, Wow, Best Poba
  • Tayyeb ali: Name Meaning: Big Poba
  • Tayyebur Rahman: Name Meaning: Servant of the Merciful
  • Tojammel: Name Meaning: Decoration, Adornment, Beauty

modern muslim baby boy names starting with

With all Islamic names starting with “T” in English, to name your baby boy, read this list of modern Muslim baby boy Islamic names with “T:

  • Tota: Bengali Meaning of Name: One type, bird, bird
  • Tofazzal: Bengali Meaning of Name: Grace, Death
  • Tofail: Bengali Meaning of Name: Name of Chote Sishtha, Komal, Sahabi
  • Torab, Bengali Meaning of Name: soil, dust
  • Tosha (Bengali Meaning of Name): On the path of precious things
  • Tauqir, Bengali Meaning of name: giving respect, honor and dignity
  • Taufiq (Bengali Meaning of name): coordination, Strength, Luck
  • Taufiq Elahi, Bengali Meaning of name: power given by the Lord
  • Taufiq, Bengali Meaning of name: growth, supply
  • Tausiq: Bengali Meaning of Name: Confirmation, Confirmation
  • Tauhid, Bengali Meaning of Name: Unity, Oneness
  • Tauhidul Islam (Bengali Meaning of Name): Unity of Islam
  • Tahmid: Bengali Meaning of Name: Durability, Endurance
  • Tahlid (Bengali Meaning of Name): Thought Research
  • Tobib: Bengali Meaning of Name: Doctor
  • Tayef: Bengali Meaning of Name: Pradakshin Kari
  • Toha: Bengali Meaning of Name: Name of a Surah of Holy Quran
  • Taifur Rahman (Bengali Meaning of Name): Wanderer towards Allah
  • Tawsif: Bengali Meaning of Name: Gunakirtan guna Description
  • Taslim: Bengali Meaning of Name: Salutation Surrender
  • Tanvir, Bengali Meaning of Name: Enlightenment
  • Tanjim: Bengali Meaning of Name: Management
  • Tanim – Bengali Meaning of Name – comfort
  • Tanin—Bengali Meaning of Name—Jhangkar Gunjan
  • Tushar, Bengali Meaning of name: ice maker
  • Tusar Wajih (Bengali Meaning of Name): Barfkana is beautiful
  • Tanvir Mahtab, Bengali Meaning of Name: Alokita Chand
  • Tahir Absar, Bengali Meaning of Name: Pure sight
  • Tanvir Anjum, Bengali Meaning of Name: Bright Star

muslim baby boy arabic names starting with

Below is a list of Arabic names for Muslim baby boys that start with “T:

  • Tawab: Name Meaning: One who repents, virtuous
  • Tower: Name Meaning: Unfortunate
  • Tawas: Name Meaning: Name of a Bird
  • Tawas: Name Meaning: Peacock
  • Tawassul: Name Meaning: Catching Medium
  • Taweel: Name Meaning: Tall
  • Tawel: Name Meaning: Big; tall; Long
  • Taulan: Name Meaning: Great, Elevated
  • Tawlid: name meaning: birth, production
  • Taosan: name meaning: horse of good breed, war horse
  • Tauseef: Name Meaning: One who should be praised
  • Tauseef: Name Meaning: Intelligent
  • Tawheed: Name Meaning: Belief in One God
  • Tawheed: Name Meaning: Winner
  • Taqwa: Name Meaning: Mind of Allah, Fear of Allah
  • Takweem: Name Meaning: Correction, Stature, Design
  • Taqdeer: name meaning: destiny, respect, honour
  • Taqdees: Name Meaning: Honor
  • Takbeen: name meaning: formation, creation
  • Takbir (name meaning): To glorify Allah
  • Takmeel: Name Meaning: Completion, Completion
  • Takreem (name meaning): respect.
  • Taklim: Name Meaning: Speech
  • Takseer: Name Meaning: Possession
  • Takaddam: name meaning: respect; sanctity; excellence
  • Takaddus: Name Meaning and Purity
  • Takaf (name meaning): To overcome with skill
  • Taki: Name Meaning: God-fearing, God-fearing, pious
  • Taqib: Name Meaning: Shining, Piercing
  • Taqiyyah: Name Meaning: Devoted; God is scary
  • Taqeeee: Name Meaning: Pious; Pious
  • Taqi: name meaning: God fearing honesty.
  • Taqee: Name Meaning: Mindful of Allah
  • Taqiuddin: name meaning: faithful, religious
  • Takqi: name meaning: fear of the Creator; pious
  • Takvi: Name Meaning: Careful
  • Takhleed: Name Meaning: Permanent
  • Tashkeen: Name Meaning: Chastising, Comforting
  • Tazfeef: name meaning; arrangement, arrangement
  • Tashmim: name meaning; determination; strong intention
  • Tashleem: Name Meaning: Surrender, Salam
  • Tashir: name meaning: influence, power, impression
  • Taj: Name Meaning: Crown
  • Tasawar: name meaning; concept; the dream
  • Tasadduk (name meaning): to donate, to donate, to donate
  • Tasadduk: Name Meaning: Welfare of Hussain
  • Tasadduk: Name Meaning: Welfare of Hussain
  • Tasafi: name meaning: sincerity; obedience
  • Tasiu, Name Meaning, Number 9 of Hadith
  • Tasin: Name Meaning: A name of the Prophet (PBUH).
  • Tasif: name meaning; intelligent
  • Tasim: name meaning: honor; respect; glory
  • Tasir: name; meaning: an effect or result; impression
  • Tasil: name meaning: strong; power
  • Tasuk: Name Meaning: Benevolence; Sacrifice
  • Tasneef: Name Meaning: Composing, Writing
  • Tahweel: Name Meaning: Change; change; change
  • Tahwaur: name meaning: rash; temerity; fearlessness
  • Tahseen: Name Meaning: Securing and Strengthening
  • Tahfiz: name; meaning: praise; description
  • Tahbir: name meaning; arranging; beautification
  • Taham: Name Meaning: Strong
  • Tahmid: Name Meaning: Praise; to glorify
  • Tahmin: Name Meaning: Powerful
  • Tahmeed: Name Meaning: Praiser of Allah Always
  • Tahmures: Name Meaning: Name of a Persian King
  • Tahmed: Name Meaning: Praise, Son of Allah
  • Tahjeeb: name meaning; culture; education
  • Tahrir: Name Meaning: Liberation
  • Tahrim: Name Meaning: Prohibition
  • Tahlid: name meaning; study of thought
  • Tahseen: name meaning: pure; improvement; beautification
  • Tahseen: name meaning: pure; beautification
  • Tahha: name meaning: best, Pure, Skilled
  • Taha: Name Meaning: Surah name in Holy Quran
  • Tahan: Name Meaning: Merciful
  • Tahani: Name Meaning: Congratulations
  • Tahammul: Name Meaning: Patience
  • Tahar: Name Meaning: Innocent
  • Tahi: Name Meaning: Praising Allah
  • Tahij: name meaning: powerful; strong
  • Tahid: name meaning: to console; careful
  • Tahib: Name Meaning: Beware; alert
  • Tahim (name meaning): pure
  • Tahiyar: name meaning: pure; pure; virtuous

muslim baby boy double names starting with

Dear friends, if you are interested in naming your baby boy with “T” word names, then you have come to the right place. We have mentioned below a list of all Muslim baby boy double names with “T:

  • Talul Yadin Meaning: pious
  • Thuhidul Haque Meaning: Oneness of God
  • Taifur Rahman Meaning: Vision of the Merciful God
  • Tazimuddin, Meaning: Glory of religion
  • Taqi Uddin Meaning: God-fearing person
  • Taj Uddin Meaning: Glory of religion, honor
  • Tajul Islam Meaning: Crown of Islam
  • Tajammul Hussain Meaning: Hussain’s ornaments
  • Taimoor Khan Meaning: One who is king and ruler
  • Taimullah, Meaning: One who worships Allah
  • Tafazzul Husain Meaning: In favor of Hussain

hindu baby boy names starting with t in muslim

Readers, below is a list of Hindu baby boy names starting with “T” in Muslim language. Let’s read it-

  • Tej : bright, bright, bright rays of the sun
  • Taj: Crown
  • Tanu: body, soft
  • Tishu: Sweet, lovable
  • Tufan: Storm
  • Tuhin: cold, icy
  • Tundra: Lord Shiva
  • Tunir : The box in which darts are kept
  • Turag: thought, thought
  • Trumpet: Strong
  • Talanka: Lord Shiva
  • Talisha: God or lord of the earth
  • Tejaswi: Brilliant personality
  • Tirthesh: Holy place, lord of the holy place
  • Tryambaka / Tryambaka : Lord Shiva, Lord Venkatesh
  • Trinava: Lord Vishnu, the three heavens
  • Trinath: Lord Shivtripur is the lord of the three cities and the three worlds
  • Thirst: Thirst
  • Thirsty: That which involves thirst
  • Tuvijit: Indradev
  • Taksil: A strong personality
  • Tamoghana: Absorbed in meditation, Lord Shiva
  • Tarkesh: whose hair shines like stars
  • Tarapada: That which resides under the feet of Goddess Kali
  • Tara Shankar: Combined form of Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva
  • Tejashwar: The brightness of the world
  • Tejendra: Sun God
  • Tejrupa: Consisting of splendor, Lord Brahma
  • Trirupam: Which has three forms?
  • Tameshwar: God of the night, the moon
  • Tapavrata: Son of the mighty Sun, worshiper
  • Tarakanath: Lord Shiva
  • Tarakumar: Son of Nakshatra
  • Tyagi: One who renounces
  • Takht: Royal throne
  • Tamang : Desired, that which is desired
  • Tashan : Expression, Attitude, Gracious, Merciful Lord
  • Tavleen: Sunlight
  • Tegbir: Brave and swift, bright, warrior
  • Takdeer: Fate
  • Tridaksha: A name of God
  • Trikala: He who exists in the past, present and future
  • Tejlal : Radiant, light, bright, bright red
  • Tejvan : Splendid, resplendent sun
  • Tejaswin: Brilliant personality
  • Tejender: source of radiance or energy
  • Talwindar: Desire or desire for Lord Shiva
  • Tatvicara: One who reflects the ultimate truth

muslim names for baby boy starting with

In the compilation of Muslim baby boy names with “T” word, this list is made. So, you read this list of Islamic names for boys patiently. So that you can choose a good, meaningful name for your newborn baby boy,

  • Tahir Anjum: Name Meaning: Bright Star
  • Tahir Mahtab: Name Meaning: Bright Moon
  • Talib Tajwar: Name Meaning: Inquisitor King
  • Talib Absar: Name Meaning: Searching Eyes
  • Tareq: Name Meaning: Shuktara
  • Tufael: Name Meaning: Small Child
  • Toki: Name Meaning: Pious
  • Towsar: name, meaning, thought, or meditation
  • Toslim: Name Meaning: Greetings
  • Tahammul: Name Meaning: Patience
  • Tajwar: Name Meaning: King
  • Tajammul: Name Meaning: Dignity
  • Talal: Name Meaning: Excellent / Admirable
  • Tariq: Name Meaning: Star Name
  • Tauqir: Name Meaning; Honor Dignity
  • Tabarak: name meaning: holy things blessed
  • Tadabbur: name meaning; effort system
  • Todbir: Name Meaning: Collector
  • Tadbin: name meaning; training
  • Tadrib (name meaning): To strengthen
  • Tadim: Name Meaning: Guna Guna Sound Song
  • Talif Fuad: name meaning: heart attraction, entertainment
  • Talim: name meaning: teacher, teaching
  • Talking, Name Meaning, Teaching, Advising
  • Talukdar: Name Meaning: Owner of landed property
  • Talut (name meaning): A righteous king of Israel
  • Taleb: Name Meaning: The name of the Prophet’s (PBUH) uncle
  • Taysuk: Name Meaning: To be in love
  • Tasnid: name meaning: patronage, support
  • Tasbir: name, meaning, image, picture

muslim boy names beginning with

Below is a list of Muslim boy names starting with “T”. Let’s find it out-

  • Tasbeeh: Meaning of Islamic Names: Praisers of Allah
  • Tasadduk, meaning of Islamic names: to believe, to be true
  • Tasdeeq (meaning of Islamic names): to believe, to be true
  • Tasbeeh: Meaning of Islamic Names: Examples, Similarities, and Similes
  • Toha: meaning of Islamic names; name of a Surah
  • Talal Wasim: Meaning of Islamic Names Excellent, beautiful composition
  • Talal Ansar: Meaning of Islamic Names: Nice Friend
  • Talal Wajih: Meaning of Islamic Names: Beautiful
  • Taokir Tajammul: Meaning of Islamic Names: Honor and Dignity
  • Tasiruddin: meaning of Islamic names; influence of religion, impression of religion
  • Tamijuddin: Meaning of Islamic Names and Features of Deen
  • Tariqul Islam: Meaning of Islamic Names and Path of Islam
  • Tarif – Meaning of Islamic Names – Rare things, rare things
  • Takmil (meaning of Islamic Names): completion, completion
  • Taksir: meaning of Islamic names; possession
  • Tabarruk (meaning of Islamic names): holy things, blessings
  • Tabattul (meaning of Islamic names): smile
  • Talif Fuad (meaning of Islamic names): heart attraction, entertainment
  • Tariq: Meaning of Islamic Names: History
  • Tahsin: Meaning of Islamic Names: Gratitude, Praise or loud Praise
  • Tawfiq: meaning of Islamic names; ability
  • Tasawar: meaning of Islamic names; thought or meditation
  • Tajwar: Meaning of Islamic Names: Raja
  • Talal Wasim: Meaning of Islamic Names Excellent, beautiful composition
  • Talal Wajih: Meaning of Islamic Names: Beautiful
  • Taki Tajwar (meaning of Islamic Names): Pious King
  • Tusar Wajih, Meaning of Islamic Names, Barfkana Sunder
  • Tabi: Meaning of Islamic Names: Meaning: Crown
  • Talha (meaning of Islamic Names) A kind of tree, the fruit of Paradise, the name of Companions
  • Tafeef (meaning of Islamic Names) A good praise of

new muslim baby boy names starting with

Dear reader, this list of names is only for your little baby. Here are some of the new Muslim baby boy names that start with “T:

  • Tahir: Name Meaning: Pious, Modest
  • Talim: name meaning: education, rising up
  • Taimoor: Name Meaning: Self-made, Steel, Strong
  • Tabassum: name meaning: laughter, Happiness
  • Tausif: name meaning: admirer, statement
  • Taufiq: name meaning: prosperity, Support
  • Taslim, Name Meaning, Total Submission, Namaskar
  • Tashfin: name meaning: compassionate
  • Tabraiz: Name Meaning: Axis
  • Tasneem: Name Meaning: Fountain of Paradise
  • Tamjid: Name Meaning: Flash, Light, Seniority of Allah
  • Tanzil: Name Meaning: Popular, Fall
  • Talib: name meaning; seeking truth; student
  • Tafhim: Name Meaning: Understanding
  • Talat: name meaning: prayer, one who ascends spiritually
  • Tabin: Name Meaning: Follower, revelation
  • Tanis: Name Meaning: Affection, Love
  • Tazim: Name Meaning: Honor, Purity
  • Tabib: Name Meaning: Physician, one who heals the sick
  • Tarif: Name Meaning: Unique
  • Tawfiq: Name Meaning: Success, Punmirlan
  • Taraz: Name Meaning: Continuous
  • Tahor: Name Meaning: Pure
  • Talish: Name Meaning: Rising, Light
  • Tashif: Name Meaning: Partner
  • Tajar: name meaning: knowledge, wealth
  • Tabari: Name Meaning: Famous Muslim Historian (Arabic Source)
  • Tarkan: Name Meaning: Brave, Strong
  • Tasadeek: Name Meaning: Truth, Evidence
  • Takmil: Name Meaning Perfect work, perfect

baby boy names starting with t in muslim

First, take a pen and a notebook. Then note down the names you like. Finally, choose a name for your baby boy from among the noted names of your choice, so that the personalities of popular people are found in your baby boy. Here we have published for you a list of many beautiful baby boy names starting with “T” in Muslim which are highly valued in Muslim society.

  • Tasir: name meaning; result, Effect
  • Tasmeem: Name Meaning: Acknowledgment, Thought
  • Tafazzal: Name Meaning: Virtue
  • Tahu: Name Meaning: Pure
  • Taimullah: Name Meaning: Servant of God
  • Taseel: name meaning: strong, powerful
  • Tahid: Name Meaning: Protect
  • Tafseer: Name Meaning: Describing
  • Tahan: Name Meaning: Flour Seller
  • Taharat: Name Meaning: Pure
  • Tasveer: name, meaning, picture, image
  • Taj Uddin name meaning: glory of religion, honor
  • Tazimuddin: Name Meaning: Glory of Religion
  • Tajazab: Name Meaning: Absorbed
  • Turkhan: Name Meaning: Chairman, Rich
  • Tabarq: Name Meaning: Smile
  • Takbir: Name Meaning: Exalt, Allahu Akbar (Allah is great).
  • Taiyeb: Name Meaning: Holy
  • Taeyb: name meaning: repentant, penitent
  • Touhidul Haque: Name Meaning: Oneness of Allah Almighty
  • Tayyab Ali: Name Meaning: Great Holy
  • Turash: Name Meaning: Inheritance
  • Tameet: Name Meaning: Appointed
  • Talul Yadin: Name Meaning: Pious
  • Tajammul Husain—Name Meaning—Ornament of Husain
  • Taimoor Khan: Name Meaning: One who is king and ruler
  • Tundro: Name Meaning: Lord Shiva
  • Tonish: Name Meaning: Gold, Ambition, Diamond, Beautiful, Lord Shiva
  • Trish: Name Meaning: Victory
  • Tishan: name meaning: courage, Strength
  • Tanumoy: Name Meaning: A beautiful mind, holistic body
  • Taraqq: Name Meaning: Mountain
  • Taskin: Name Meaning: Guide, guide
  • Touhid: Name Meaning: Believing in God


This was the list of Islamic names for boys with “T” meaning. We have collected these names from various sources on the internet. So there may be some errors in it. If you notice any mistake, please let us know through comments. Also, share your views with us. If you’ve seen this far, we’re pretty sure you’ve already picked a name for your darling baby. We are very happy and glad that we could help you.

[Note: Islamic name for baby is very important from religious point of view.]. So before finalizing your baby’s name, take advice from the imam of the mosque or a learned scholar.

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