16 Home-remedies for allergies

If you want to know about home remedies for allergies, then this article is for you. Allergy symptoms include persistent sneezing, an itchy nose, a runny or stuffy nose, watery eyes, and red eyes. Let’s know the ways to prevent allergies through household ingredients.

Allergies are a very commona problem that affects everyone, from young to old

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1. Home remedies for allergies

2. Home remedies for allergies in babies

3. Home remedies for allergies and eyes

4. Home remedies for allergies (sneezing)

5. Conclusion

111Home remedies for allergies

Allergy symptoms usually vary from person to person. However, common symptoms include itchy eyes and skin, sneezing, a stuffy nose, a sore throat, difficulty breathing, vomiting, low blood pressure, dizziness, and even fainting 

Doctors say allergies can never be completely eliminated. However, its incidence can be reduced. It is possible to be allergy-free only if you stay 100 hands away from the thing that you are allergic to.

1. Any substance allergy should be remembered and avoided by the patient. Only then is it possible to survive an allergy.

2. Tea tree oil works great for skin allergies. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which relieve many skin allergies.

3. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid. This ingredient works to reduce the itchiness of the skin and eliminate the outbreak of allergies. However, before use, check whether you are allergic to apple cider vinegar or not. Can’t be used if there is.

4. The moisturizing properties of coconut oil protect the skin in cases of allergies. Not only that, coconut oil reduces allergic itching. Heat the yolk in a bowl with a little coconut oil. Apply where there are signs of an allergy. Leave it for an hour to get good benefits. 

5. Aloe vera gel is the best way to eliminate skin allergies. It relieves skin irritation and itching. Applying fresh aloe vera directly to the skin is beneficial. 

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6. Rose water works as a preventive for eye allergies. If the eyes are affected by allergies, 2 to 3 drops of rose water should be given. It cuts off the infection that caused the eye allergy.

7. Add 3 teaspoons of salt to a glass of water and boil the water well. When it gets cold, wet a piece of clean cotton in that water and wipe the eyes slowly. It will remove the dirt from the eyes and also relieve the burning or itching.

8. Cold water is also very effective for eye allergies. If the eyes are swollen, red, or itchy due to allergies, repeated splashes of cold water will relieve the pain.

9. Amlaki powder should be taken. Mixing honey with this powder every night before going to sleep will increase the body’s immune system or disease resistance, and the body will be free from allergens.

10. Saini is a kind of herb. It looks a lot like a pepper. Saini improves blood circulation in the body as well as helping release toxins. It has a role in removing dirt from the eyes.

11. If there is an additional allergy problem, sunglasses must be used before going out.

12. The house and bed should be kept clean at all times. Care should be taken so that dust does not fly.

13. Guava has a lot of vitamin C. This ingredient works great to relieve cold allergies. Along with guava, lemon juice or lemon tea can also be beneficial.

14. Ghee with food is very useful in removing cold allergies. After collecting pure ghee, once a teaspoon of ghee is mixed with food, the problem of cold will go away.

15. Cold allergies can be controlled by eating Kalijira.

16. Those who are suffering from an allergic cold problem will benefit from eating two teaspoons of honey a day, and the cold problem will go away.

Allergies are generally not a serious problem but can be solved with a home remedy and basic treatment. Early treatment of allergies by using various home remedies is effective.

Home remedies for allergies in babies

No one does not suffer from allergy problems, but children are usually more affected by allergies. Allergies are of two types: exanthema and enanthema.

Exanthema Allergies basically appear as rashes on the skin. Enanthema mainly affects the internal organs of the body, such as the respiratory system and kidneys. Allergy symptoms in children are a cold, sore throat, skin rash, cough, stuffy nose, etc. If these symptoms appear in children, it is possible to solve the allergy with home remedies initially without resorting to medicines. Let’s learn some effective home remedies to get rid of allergies in children.

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Neem leaves are an effective solution to allergic problems in children. It is possible to get rid of allergies by mixing neem leaf juice with warm water and rubbing it on the baby’s body. Saffron mixed with honey in hot water is a great solution to allergy problems. Besides, aloe vera gel is a very effective home remedy for allergy problems.

Home remedies for allergies and eyes

Eye allergies are a very common problem. Many young and old people can suffer from this eye allergy. One of the symptoms of eye allergies is itchy eyes, watery eyes, and red eyes.

1. The first thing we should do is eat less of the foods we are allergic to when we have an eye rash.

2. Sunglasses should be used to prevent dust from getting into the eyes.

3. Wear a helmet with a visor while riding a bike.

4. Gently compress your eyes with an ice pack.

5. Gently compress your eyes with a slice of cucumber.

Since the eyes are a very sensitive place, special care should be taken to avoid any allergic problems in the eyes. If the allergy does not get better with home remedies, a doctor should be consulted.

Home remedies for allergies and sneezing

An allergy caused by sneezing is mainly known as a dust allergy. The main cause of dust allergies is dust. Airborne dust enters the body through inhalation, resulting in continuous sneezing, which is basically known as a dust allergy. Let’s know the home remedies for sneezing allergies. 

First of all, you must wear a mask when you go out. Stay away from furry animals. Avoid foods that cause allergies. Be careful during the winter. Especially those who have sneezing allergies due to excessive colds should be more careful. By following the above rules, it is possible to avoid sneezing allergies. 


Allergies are a very common problem that affects everyone, from young to old. Allergic manifestations are few. It is possible to solve the problem of allergies with some home remedies. It is very important to be careful with all the foods or activities that increase the tendency for allergies. This article basically mentions the solution to the allergy problem, which is very helpful for everyone.







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